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It’s Cool, Angus T. Jones Still Has A Job

A photo of Angus T. Jones

From TMZ:

Angus T. Jones is in showbiz limbo, because he hasn’t quit “Two and a Half Men” and show execs haven’t fired him after he trashed the show … TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with “Men” tell TMZ … all of the execs on the show and at Warner Bros. have seen Angus’ video, in which he calls the sitcom “filth” and asks the audience to boycott.

We’ve learned Angus — who rakes in $350,000 an episode — has not contacted any of the show honchos to express his intentions, nor have any of his reps done the same.  Although Angus says in the video he doesn’t want to be on the show anymore, that message has not been conveyed to show execs.

On the other side, we’ve learned Chuck Lorre, the brains behind the show, has not played his hand … even to Warner Bros. executives.

Today could be telling, because there’s a scheduled rehearsal this AM.  It’s unclear if Angus is supposed to be there, but if he’s a no-show his absence could be the first step toward the door.

How crazy is this? Because I feel like this is pretty crazy. Angus here can believe in whatever he wants to, but the hypocrisy is just … it’s a lot. I can’t even wrap my mind around how stupid it is that he’s making this much money off of this show and that he still feels comfortable to talk about how horrible it is while still involved with it. SO DUMB.

Regardless of what happens, I imagine this will be a big deal. If he shows up to the rehearsal and doesn’t quit, it will be a big deal, and if he quits, it will probably be dramatic, which will make it a big deal. If he gets fired, boom, another big deal. So just settle in, all right? It’s about to get Angus up in here.

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  • though i understand the points i read over on the other post…yes, to donate a lot of his money would be swell & the jesus way…this show & the industry CAN go fuck themselves. true a strange way to distance one’s self but…it’s his life! run away, little dude! take your earnings & do your thang!

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