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Amanda Bynes Is Still Crazy And Also on Instagram

A photo of Amanda Bynes

Oh, Amanda Bynes. I’ve missed this girl, haven’t you? We haven’t heard from her since all the way back at the beginning of this month when she was trying to tell everyone that she’s a retired multi-millionaire. Since then, she’s probably just been wandering around New York, acting weird in public places. But now we have proof that she’s been wandering around, acting weird in public places.

For instance, here’s what she did last weekend:

Nickelodeon nightmare Amanda Bynes grew huffy at PH-D after she thought women sitting nearby were trying to take her photo, even though they were ignoring her completely. Spies tell us Bynes came to the club at the Dream Downtown Friday night with a girlfriend and became convinced girls nearby were sneaking pictures. “No one was, though,” a source said. Bynes continued to stew while sitting next to the women before storming off.

Is that a universal activity for famous crazies, constantly accusing strangers of taking your picture? If it is, that’s fair, I’m just curious.

And here’s the second bit of proof, ready? She’s been posting photos to Instagram. She said that her phone was stolen and then posted this picture three times:

A photo of Amanda Bynes

Do you think this could be a Joaquin Phoenix thing? Because this is getting a little too ridiculous.

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