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Eddie Cibrian is Rethinking the Whole Marriage Thing

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Can y’all believe that it’s been a whole two weeks since we last ran a story about LeAnn or Eddie? I mean, that’s got to be some kind of record here, right? The thing is, it’s like the best was saved for last (or for today)—sources are saying that LeAnn and Eddie‘s marriage is getting so bad that she’s working overtime trying to get herself knocked up, because what better way to save a foundering marriage than to bring a poor, defenseless baby into the fray?

From Radar:

The relationship between LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian has hit a crossroads as the holiday season approaches, and we’ve got all the details for you right here on

A source close to the situation tells Star that the Playboy Club star is “sick and tired of the chaos” that comes with the How Do I Live singer.

“It never seems to end,” the source said. “He can’t take all of the drama anymore. He told her he needs some time alone to get his head together.”

In reaction to Eddie’s emotional swerve, LeAnn, 30, has been doing her best to try and lock him into the relationship via a child.

“She’s taking vitamins and charting her cycle, and she’s even putting on a few pounds, hoping it will help her conceive,” the source said. “Her goal is to be pregnant in 2013, no matter what — even if she has to try IVF. She blames some of her emotional problems on not having a baby of her own.

One thing that’s held the 39-year-old actor from furthering distancing himself from LeAnn, the source tells Star, is dollars and cents.

“Eddie has to pay child support for [his sons with Brandi Glanville,] Mason and Jake. And let’s face it, his career is at a standstill. LeAnn is the breadwinner and he’s not about to destroy that gravy train. But he’s checked out emotionally.

“Being with LeAnn is a lot of work,” the source tells Star. “Eddie’s staring to question whether it’s even worth it.”

Wow. That is serious. LeAnn Rimes putting on a few pounds just in order to maybe, possibly conceive? It’s … well, it’s inconceivable (yeah, I know; bad, bad, bad). I didn’t think there was really anything in the world that could coerce LeAnn into thinking that it might be a little bit healthy not to weigh less than your average eight-year-old. Amazing, really.

On that note, Thanksgiving is coming, so LeAnn’s got a perfect chance to really beef herself up all in one shot. A few slices of pumpkin cream cheese pie here, a few dark meat wings there, and you’ve really got yourself a feast of epic proportions—at least where LeAnn’s concerned, since she’s probably only ingested lettuce and water every day, once a day, for the last few years.

You guys excited for a LeAnn-Eddie baby yet? Hey, maybe it’ll have its own Twitter account!!

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  • Leann is oh so predictable, so the response to this article will be photos of her and Eddie out and about LA holding hands while out and about with Brandi’s kids, stories about how lovey dovey they were as they had lunch, twitpics of her and Eddie making out, or “Happy Thanksgiving from the Cibrian family” twitpics and tweets.

    Leann is trying to promote the release of 2 singles now; apparently they weren’t confident that the first single from the album would do well, so they released the second single to the radio at the same time. Her album has been pushed back yet again(How many times has this album been delayed?) So what’s a famewhore to do when the pr stunts for the promotion of her singles and album fail to get her the success she thinks she deserves? Keep herself relevant by generating pregnancy rumors. The baby serves three purposes: emotionally blackmailing Eddie, promotion for her album and single release, and then to taunt Brandi like she did when she blogged that Brandi’s son named the dog after his future sister.

    The baby would only have it’s own twitter account if it promises to stalk and harass Eddie’s ex-wife, not to overshadow Leann or take up any of Eddie’s time or attention , and praise Leann no matter how atrocious her behavior becomes. If we thought that Leann’s behavior on twitter was bad now, just wait until she gets pregnant.

  • I spoke too soon.

    Leann’s first attempt to debunk Radaronline’s story about her marriage to Eddie falling apart is a YouTube video of her and Eddie being spokespersons for GMCLA’S Alive Music Project. I have never seen any celeb use charity or organizations in this manner.

  • Pet stores lock up your bunnies. LeAnne is about to have a Fatal Attraction moment.I wonder who Eddie’s new woman is? He only announces stuff like this when he’s about to latch on to another money tree.

    LeAnne could try to bankrupt him for giggles but he already has half of her bank accounts.

  • 1)Leann’s 2nd attempt to debunk Radaronline’s story: Denying it via GossipCop.

    A “source”(aka Leann Rimes) told this site that Leann and Eddie are “perfectly happy”. If that site still hasn’t figured out that Leann was in “rehab” for two weeks and not 30 days, then you can’t trust their denials, especially when the denial comes directly from Leann herself.

    2) Leann’s 3rd attempt to debunk Radaronline’s story: Providing an alibi for Eddie that puts him at home with her instead of off somewhere with someone else.

    This is what she tweeted this morning: “My hubby got up and made me a healthy breakfast this morning. We know what’s coming today. @KimsBeautyDetox we had our green drink”.

    3) Leann’s 4th attempt to debunk Radaronline’s story: Use an interview to fill the voids in her marriage.

    She had an interview that she did with The Portland Tribute last week released today. In the interview she talks about Brandi’s kids, their new dog(see left out the part about Brandi’s son naming the dog), having babies with Eddie, and how much happy and in love she and Eddie as they raise their family.

    4) Leann’s 5th attempt to debunk Radaronline’s story: A twitpic of her and Eddie being lovey dovey and all over one another!

    She tweeted “Happy Thanksgiving from the Cibrian’s” along with a twitpic of what is supposed to be of her and Eddie snuggling. Eddie looks scared in the photo and like he has aged another decade.

    5) Leann’s 6th attempt to debunk Radaronline’s story: A paid fluffpiece from The Dailymail.

    The Dailymail is depicting them as a happy couple who can’t possibly be having any problems in their marriage because they are “snuggling” on Thanksgiving. How transparent are Leann and The Dailymail? Didn’t Kat von D do the very same thing with Jesse James when it got out that they were having problems and breaking up?

    6) Leann’s 7th attempt to debunk Radar’s story: Paying People Magazine, Eonline, and her other mouthpieces(including ROL) to copy and paste the fluffpiece that she paid The Dailymail to write or write “Eddie and Leann are still going strong despite rumors” fluffpieces. They haven’t released their fluffpieces yet, but we all know it’s coming.

    And because Leann and her pr stunts are so predictable, she will set up a staged photo-op with Eddie holding hands on Friday. She hasn’t had the changed to exploit Brandi’s kids yet because the kids were with their mother for the holiday.

  • Poor Leann, she is still trying to debunk Radaronline’s story. Now, she and Eddie are “perfectly happy” because on a cold and foggy day, Eddie “cuddles” her on beach. Seriously? Why would she be at the beach if it’s so cold and foggy? Leann is so transparent. And then she whines about how people are judging her even though they don’t know her. Her marriage to Eddie is such a fake, that we can predict what she is going to do next. It’s like she is following a script or something.

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