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Miley Cyrus Cut Her Hair Again

A photo of Miley Cyrus

No, again. She cut all her hair off a few months ago, as if we could ever forget, but just recently she got another haircut. And it’s kind of radical:

A photo of Miley Cyrus

Now let’s check out a different angle:

A photo of Miley Cyrus

Not to be a negative Nancy, but I really hate this. I think it’s stupid and awful, and that says a lot, because I really liked her short hair before. This new cut is just too much. As always, if she’s happy with it, I’m happy for her, and goodness knows I’d love to have the nerve to do something that drastic with my own hair, but I just can’t get behind this. It’s just not great.

But what do you think?

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  • If she uses gel and sticks it up like a mohawk, she would be a perfect guest to appear on Spongebob Squarepants. She could be a waitress at the sushi bar.

  • I think this hair cut looks great on some people. Amber rose has this haircut and it looks great on her. You need to have a very pretty oval face. The thing is, I would love to have this hair! It seems so manageable. I have a round face and right now my hair is at my shoulders, anything shorter and I look bloated.

  • Hair grows out. I’ve cut mine very short a few times, and it was a drastic change from very long hair. Sometimes you just get tired of styling it and putting it up and dealing with hair all over your floors. But we all know that when a girl constantly changes her hair, especially when she cuts it often shorter and shorter, or she chops it all off, it means that something is up. Trivially, it’s a breakup. Figuring out your identity, struggling with your image for this or that reason (don’t we, always?).

    Gal is totally going through something. Her wedding, I think. It’s just too soon – not that couples married young don’t necessarily have a good long marriage, but it all seems too eager to me. I rest my case, and we shall see.

  • I look forward to the moment when we see a single bulldog clip on the top of her feather ruff, with barbie doll extensions raining down all around her face. You know, like Britney. :)

  • I think she has an OK face, you know? but I don´t necessarily consider her the prettiest girl, so… I´m not sure she can pull off this radical look she´s been trying to pursue. It´s jut too much you know? but hey, it´s just hair.

  • she looks fine. Mine is a little big longer because it’s growing back from chemo treatment. It’s hard to manage short hair once it’s entering it’s awkward grow back stage. Even though the buzz cut is fun and low maintenance I wouldn’t voluntarily cut my hair like again… but more power to her.

  • Eh. She doesn’t have the face, or more importantly the neck for that cut.

    She looks like a turtle.

    Head’s too big, shoulders too narrow and thick, arms too thick.

    Some women look GOOD with that cut and all others look like crap. She looks like crap.

    The Agyness Deyn cut she had in the first picture was pretty good though. At least she looked cute in that one.

  • With her unfortunate facial features she should stick with long hairs to cover it up…
    After she first cut her hair she looked like an ugly P!nk. Now she looks like white trash.

  • Just shave it all off and be done with it…what’s she going to cut when there’s no hair left? I see nothing attractive here. Kid has some serious issues, and this is just another mark of crisis.

  • She’s definitely got some mental issues going. I’m sure her record company probably doesn’t care for all this odd behavior.

  • mental issues? – get outta here! she’s a wannabe punk. so what. not sayin’ why she did this, but i for one did this when i went through a break up, just sayin’. MORE POWER TO YA, lil’ chick.

  • First was experiment now issue cut seioslly, not just cut its Color I just hate it when superstars cut their hair.sooo short.not wedding hair either ,think it was called off.(malicious sneer )

  • She is stupid for cutting her hair again . Ok I get she’s trieying to say that she can’t be tamed but this time she took it to far . I’m starting to like selena gomez better than miley cyrus . What happend to the cute giggly girl that ther used to be .