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Christina Aguilera Gave an Interview About Her Son

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Hey, how cute, right? It sure beats the hell out of choosing bad Halloween costumes, and it’s definitely way better than giving an interview while completely intoxicated, but I’m still sort of baffled. I mean, she never talks about this kid, God love him. We hardly even *see* him, so I’m wondering what’s really bringing on all of the Do you know when the last time was that we even saw him? Well, we saw a bit of his head in mid-October. But prior to that, it was nearly … I don’t know, actually. I went back as far as December of last year, and I still couldn’t find anything. Not that that says anything or anything. She talks about the boy being her baby, though, guys! And isn’t that sweet?

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m liking this newer, softer side of Christina Aguilera, and I hope she’s around to stay for a little while.

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