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Courtney Stodden Isn’t Stripping Anymore Because She’s Just Too Much to Handle

A photo of Courtney Stodden

I know, I know. Hush, baby birds. It’s ok. I know that Thanksgiving was ruined when we learned that Courtney Stodden wouldn’t be stripping on Thanksgiving Eve. I know how bad that hurt. And the fact that we didn’t get an explanation hurt just as bad, didn’t it? I’m so sorry. I wish I could shield you from all the pain in the world, but I can’t.

However, I can finally give you an explanation for Courtney’s sudden cancellation. Or, well, a few explanations.

Here’s the short and sweet statement from the club itself:

“Her management approached the Abbey but ultimately she just wasn’t a fit.”

And here’s the explanation from Courtney’s mom:

“It was too much for the Abbey to handle, too much press and controversy. Courtney’s not disappointed. She rolls with the punches.”

And finally, here’s the statement from Courtney’s rep about the owners of the club, SBE:

“The reasons for the cancellation provided by SBE are a mystery to us and based on fear, in our opinion. It is most unfortunate that a venue such as the SBE-controlled Abbey needs to approve and censor performers that audiences want to see, and would not be able to control the crowds and paparazzi anxious to see Courtney’s show. Courtney Stodden has a huge gay fan base and truly loves and adores everyone in the community. At this time, Courtney is heartbroken and we are currently seeking alternate opportunities for Courtney to make her debut club performance in West Hollywood.”

So there you go. Courtney is either rolling with the punches or she’s heartbroken, but either way, a Courtney Stodden performance is going to happen. So get ready again, friends. Get them hopes up. Because when you’re Courtney Stodden, nothing can keep you down.

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  • Courtney looks like she is always trying awkwardly too hard to jut her breasts out even before her face…like an old lady’s terrible perfume that walks in a room before her.

    She needs someone to teach her how to pose in pics without detracting from any beauty potential. Her makeup seems improved lately & her eyebrows seem better. Still an overall cheap look though, but if she gets into exotic dancing or soft pr0n then its perfect.

    She is a smaller frame figure which is very nice; but it appears she (for whatever reason) is hyper-fixated on disproportionately large boobs when her natural breasts are smaller(she just heavily pads them) .

    Hopefully she gets over that and doesn’t get stupid giant fake implants like every blonde in California because then you just blend in. Even AVN award winning adult entertainment likes smaller natural breasts, i.e. Jenna Haze.

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