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Vanessa Hudgens Won’t Ever Do On-Screen Sex Again

photo of spring breakers poster pictures
She’ll show the world her pubes for days, but girl-on-girl sex? Ménage à trois with James Franco? Never again will that happen, friends.

In a recent interview with Canadian magazine Glow, Vanessa talks about filming the movie ‘Spring Breakers’, in which she has a threesome with co-stars Ashley Benson and James Franco. Vanessa says, “It was very nerve-racking for me. I told my agent that I never want to do it ever again.” What I need to know, though, is how this movie happened. Seriously. How. This movie. Happened. Do you guys even know what it’s about? This:

Four college girls who land in jail after robbing a restaurant in order to fund their spring break vacation find themselves bailed out by a drug and arms dealer who wants them to do some dirty work.

I mean, honestly. This thing sounds terrible. Maybe Vanessa should have said to her agent, “I never want to do it ever again” with regard to movies with plots like the one ‘Spring Breakers’ has. Because it’s bad. Bad, bad, bad. And what’s with Vanessa Hudgens and all this threesome stuff? Did Christina Aguilera happen to catch a sneak preview of ‘Spring Breakers’ and that’s what that business last week was all about? Why’s everyone want to have threesomes with Vanessa Hudgens, and why is Vanessa Hudgens turning them all down?

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  • Ummm Spring Breakers got great reviews both in Venice and Toronto film festivals, and it’s a Harmony Korine film. It’s also based on a true story.
    As for Vanessa, those pictures were private and someone leaked them, and that was years ago, I don’t understand why you gotta keep bringing it back at every single post about her, and keep hating the poor girl! Just because she had those pictures doesn’t mean that having to pretend to have sex on screen, or on stage, with so many people watching you isn’t freaking uncomfortable! It’s reasonable for her to feel like that, especially if you think that it’s her first time doing a movie with mature content.

    • “Never again” … why agree to this time unless that’s who you are? She/they want to lose their “Disney image” so they did this movie knowing full well what it in taled and yet she made the decision to do it. Selena didn’t do a three some now did she and she hasn’t had nude pics of herself “leaked” either now has she? Twice !!

    • Mature content or not,

      01) Getting close (nude or not) and slobbering on/being slobbered on by a random person you may or may not like

      02) In front of a buttload of people and cameras (the ENTIRE crew shows up unless they’re barred)

      03) And being in character/acting

      04) And being blathered at by the director (MORE TONGUE! GRAB HER TITS! SHOW YOUR ASS MORE!)

      is pretty much a recipe for suckville.

      I know I would feel not-so-hot afterward.

      For instance, Megan Fox (who I am no fan of) kissed Shia LeBoif on Transformers and he passed a piece of the burrito he had eaten into her mouth. You can see her reaction on screen in the film. *Shudder from head to toe*

      I would’ve been ill.