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Lindsay Lohan Hurt Barbara Walters’ Feelings

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

Remember when I told you guys that Lindsay cancelled that interview with Barbara Walters? It was supposed to be this big promotional thing for that Liz & Dick catastrophe, and it was going to go along with footage that Barbara had already filmed over the summer. The thing was that Barbara was definitely going to ask her about all her meth adventures, so Lindsay and her people flaked out because she didn’t feel up for it. Right?

But now we’re learning that Lindsay does feel up to an interview, just not one with Barbara Walters. She’s going to do an interview with Jay Leno instead. Obviously Jay Leno isn’t going to ask Lindsay the same kind of questions Barbara Walters would have asked, but Barbara still said she was “disappointed” in Lindsay’s choice. See, her feelings got hurt because Lindsay’s reps just fibbed to her about Lindsay not being up for an interview. She’s hurt that she got left high and dry while Jay Leno gets the goods.

Oh, and she also showed this clip from the interview she did with Lindsay this summer on The View yesterday:

Note how this little clip is just half a minute long and still contains so much wonder. Her stuttered remark of “I’m a survivor,” her awkward joking, her inability to answer the questions she’s asked. And her voice, oh my goodness, her voice. Don’t do drugs, kids. You could end up sounding like Lindsay Lohan. Yikes.

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