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Quotables: T-Boz from TLC Has No Love for Nicki Minaj

A photo of TLC

“Just because you’re on TV gyrating and boning and sucking penises, it’s not talent, honey. Maybe in the porn industry, but over here, we entertain. I don’t respect half the people I’ve seen lately. How the hell is she gon’ tell me what I should be doing when her ass can’t even sing? Why is she there? Now they’ve got rappers that don’t even sing judging. So, this is totally based off of popularity I guess. I mean, to each their own. Get your money, honey. All I’m saying is, I will never watch [your] shows again.”

– The great T-Boz on how she doesn’t care for Nicki Minaj, Nicki Minaj’s American Idol gig, or most singers nowadays.

Even though T-Boz was always my least favorite member of TLC – Left Eye was my fave, may she rest in peace, and then Chilli – I still have way more respect for her than I do for Nicki Minaj. I just don’t get Nicki, not even a little bit, and there’s no way that her “Super Bass” or her “Starships” will ever come close to TLC’s catchy but poignant hits like “Waterfalls” or “Unpretty.” Not in a million years.

Also, I’m going to start telling every single person in my life “get your money, honey.” When I see my doctor tomorrow and she tells me that I need to stop being so crazy, I’m going to just shrug and say “get your money, honey,” and when I’m making dinner tonight and my cat decides to use the litter box right when I’m about to eat LIKE HE ALWAYS DOES, instead of being grossed out, I’m just going to look at him and say “get your money, honey.” Let’s all try it together!

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  • My cat does the same trick, he makes a horrible smell, runs like hell away from his box, and hides under the dining room table while the stench permeates the room. I love my cat, but what a dick.

  • Just a thought here…..maybe put in a cat door and let the cat take a grundle in the garage? Ive never owned a cat, just dogs so I might be off base. My wife had a cat, lived for 19yrs, we put her box in the utility room with a cat door on it, seemed to work just fine.

  • Yeah, because T-Boz is such a good singer and rapper. Oh wait, Chilli was the one who could sing and Left-Eye was the one who could rap. I am no fan of Nicki Minaj, but shut up, T-Boz.