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Rihanna’s New Video Is Totally About Chris Brown

I know, I know. Another story about the mysterious, stupid romance of Rihanna and Chris Brown. But at least this one has horses and diamonds. That’s something, right?

Ok, look. The horses represent both Rihanna and Chris, see? And the diamonds she smokes, they represent their relationship, which is both beautiful and hard. And they got high a lot. Oh, and that mysterious tattooed arm in the video? That could actually be Chris Brown’s arm. No, his literal arm. Scandalous.

But in any case, the video has pretty water – doesn’t swimming in warm water sound just so perfect right now? – and lots of slow motion horse shots, so there’s something for everyone, now isn’t there?

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  • If the Chris Brown fiasco never happened no one would talk about her. I bet she doesn’t give two shits about the guy, but if she pretends to, EVERYONE PAYS ATTENTION TO HER.

    Every single one of her songs sound fucking awful. She should fire whoever writes them for her.

  • If I could agree, like she did, to have someone punch me in the face a few times for all the money those two people have made off of all this I’d do it too.

  • Agree with CB and Johnboy. Damn I’d take a beating to get the fame & money she’s gotten. Not only is the arm supposed to represent Chris, it’s a lookalike of him on fire at the end. There was also a Chris lookalike in the Rude boy vid. The guy looks so much like Chris that I was convinced it was him.

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