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Russell Brand Made A Cat Video for Ellen DeGeneres

And I’m pretty sure that’s the most wonderful sentence I’ve ever written.

Russell Brand, who I actually really, really adore, made the video to celebrate the fact that Ellen‘s talk show has been on television for ten years. Did you know that? It’s obviously an easy fact to check, but it just doesn’t seem like nearly that long, does it? I’m going to take that as a sign of Ellen’s sheer greatness.

But ok, this cat video. This is just completely and totally amazing. I realize that we don’t all have the same opinion on cats, or on Russell Brand, for that matter, but can you cat haters and Russell Brand haters also recognize how perfect this video is? Probably not, huh? And that’s so very sad.

And you know that I can’t let an entire post about a cat video go by without me showing you guys a picture of mine:

This is what happens on my lap every single night. The big one, Archie, has always been really sweet and affectionate, and little JoBangles has always been sweet as well, but in the past couple of weeks he’s taken to sitting on my lap every single time I’m sitting down. He’ll just sit with me for so long, and when I’m washing dishes or folding laundry or whatever, he’ll stand by my feet and wait for me to be done so I can pick him up again. And those are some of the wonders of being a cat lady. Russell understands.

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  • I used to work at a Winn-Dixie, and the top two things I saw customers buy was alcohol and pet food. I had so many cat men, more than dog people or cat ladies. One memorable customer was in his 20s, covered in tattoos, cute, and a biker. He was buying cat food to take care of the cats from Mrs. Across the Street, an old lady who had just died and left orphan cats. He ended up adopting them, it was the sweetest thing.

    My cat is sleeping happily on the papers I have to grade.

  • As hateful and nasty as I know I can be, my precious little Lucy passed away a couple of days ago and I can tell you that a person who has lost their cat just wanders around sad and lost because they no longer have their little 4 legged boss to tell them what to do.

  • Aw Blasted and CranApple I know how you feel I’m so sorry!! I had my old cat for 18 years and we had to put her down because she was so sick (kidneys, etc.) That was 3 years ago and I still shed tears for her even though I have two adorable Siamese kitties who I absolutely love love love! But even so I will never ever forget my Swervvy!

    • Me too, I just love it! :D

      I had a lovely kitty cuddle yesterday from my neighbour’s cat too. I do love being surrounded by pets in this neighbourhood. :D

  • Your cats are just the most adorable and when I finally have a cat I hope they’ll love me as much as yours love you!