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OMG Reese Witherspoon’s Baby Boy is So Cute

photo of reese witherspoon pictures baby boy pic
Well thank heavens Reese Witherspoon went and had this baby, because for a minute, there, she was getting really, really boring. I mean, do you even remember the strange, awkward speech with Robert Pattinson at that one MTV awards show? Honestly, was she smoking some drugs that night? Because that was probably the second-most interesting thing she’s done in the past five years, maybe.

But yeah, this baby. This baby is cute! Cute, cute, cute! His name is Tennessee James Toth, and if that doesn’t sound like a writer of some sort (I know, I know; Tennessee Williams copout), then I don’t even know what does. Reese was born and raised in Tennessee, which might explain the name, so we’re going to play a little game—using the home state or region of your birth and a really generic middle name (like James or Henry or John or something), tell me: what’s your Reese Witherspoon name?

Mine would be Pennsylvania Peter. Ha. Now you go.

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