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7Nobody Takes Courtney Stodden Seriously

photo of courtney stodden pictures
And could you, with her wearing this kind of stuff ALL the F-CKING TIME?

The latest on Courtney, however, is not necessarily how useless we think she is, it’s how useless other people think Courtney Stodden is, and by “other” people, I mean “people who might have influence over her ‘career’.” No, Courtney and her grandpappy husband, Doug Hutchison, were kicked off ‘Couples Therapy’ this past week because Courtney refused to wear more appropriate clothing for a session or something. I don’t know. I only watch highlights of the show, personally, because I can’t stomach Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison side by side for more than thirty-eight seconds at a time anyway. But if you are one of the ones watching the show, fear not—Courtney and Doug were only banished for a day as “punishment.” A rep for VH1 said:

“I think that Courtney hadn’t fully thought out the repercussions of her actions … Courtney is not used to people actually enforcing the rules with her.”

Courtney later Tweeted:

“Dr. Jenn handled the situation tonight impeccably as a therapist & a human being with a heart.”

And you know, I feel like we do nothing, really, but spew negativity about Courtney Stodden and her situations and circumstances and … well, clothing choices. So here’s me, saying something nice about girlfriend—this is the most clothing she’s ever worn at one time, and even though it would appear she’s trying to channel Taylor Momsen with the flat-ironed, stringy platinum hair (and those g-ddamn stripper stillettos), she’s … well, this is the most clothing she’s ever worn at one time, and it happened in these pictures.

November 8, 2012 at 5:30 pm by Sarah
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7 Responses to “Nobody Takes Courtney Stodden Seriously”

  1. jghjh says:

    She’s just another bimbo, that married an older guy.

  2. Ashley says:

    She is like a trainwreck i cant look away,

  3. Lily says:

    Taylor Momsen, Courtney… is this thing a trend?

  4. crab says:

    At least Taylor actually does something!

  5. Ellie66 says:

    Hey at least she’s kinda covered ! Lol !
    I saw one episode it’s grosser than you can imagine!

  6. RayRay says:

    This is possibly the best she’s ever looked… I feel weird writing this, but this look isn’t *ALL* that bad? Ignoring those fugly stripper shoes, of course.

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