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Colin Firth: Would You, Still?

photo of colin firth and cameron diaz 2012 pictures
Because I know, despite the fact that he’s standing next to Cameron Diaz and looking like he’s totally OK with it, and despite the fact that he’s getting a bit on in age (he just turned fifty-two in September), he’s still completely and entirely gorgeous and doable in my book, which is a big, eclectic book filled with binders of women many handsome men like Gael Garcia Bernal and Adrien Brody. And also Colin Firth.

Which brings me to my next somewhat-related though definitely-a-result-of-disjointed-erratic-thinking: who were your celebrity crushes when you were, say, thirteen? Who got your little, bitty, adolescent heart beating? Because when I think of my current Hottest Men of All, it vastly differs from Sarah’s Hottest Men of Fifteen-Plus Years Ago. Back then my favorites were people like Isaac Hanson, Devon Sawa, Rider Strong, Leonardo DiCaprio, OOH! And Macaulay Culkin, too. I always had the biggest crush on him. I actually sent away for a signed photograph of MC back when Home Alone was a big thing, and I think I might still have that somewhere. Let’s see, who else … there was Matthew Lawrence, younger brother of Joey Lawrence (who I never “got”), Freddie Prinze, Jr.

Well that was a fun little sidebar. Who was on your list when you were a young teen?

Oh, right, and Colin Firth! Would you, still?

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  • I still absolutely would.

    Also, I don’t remember my list when I was 13 very well, but I DO remember Jonathan Brandis and Leo DiCaprio being on it.

      • Oh my god, I just googled it, that IS her. She looks a lot more normal in other pictures but DAMN. I don’t think she looks bad or anything, just not like herself at all.
        Also, I’m afraid I have never fancied Colin Firth. I just want to cuddle him, rather than have him bang me like a screen door in a hurricane.

  • Matthew Lillard was my number one. Now he’s horrifically slimy and so very aging-badly, so my adolescence is ruined.

  • I loved Michael J fox, but not that way. :D
    I loved that guy Murphy from Remington Steele and I loved Bruce Willis on Moonlighting! But my major tv crushes were when I was about eight and I loved The Dukes of Hazard and BJ from BJ and the Bear! I wanted to marry those guys.

      • Davy Jones was my number one for a looong time. Also liked Bobby Sherman from “Here Come the Brides”. His stutter was heart-melting. Which of course leads to Colin”The King’s Speech” Firth. Absolutely gorgeous. I guess I like stammering men, preferably British. Sigh, even Hugh Grant!

  • leonardo di caprio! oh, how beautiful he was, oh, how much i loved him! i was so obsessed with him, he was the only one for me :D

  • Sarah, have you seen Devon Sawa as of lately though? He looks rough as all fucks. And remember Nate whatever is his name, who played Harvey Kinkle on Sabrina the Teenage Witch? How cute was he? Well, HE ISN’T NOW. Bad times. Also, C. Firth. Wouldn’t no more. Looks… old?

    • Oh man, I forgot about Harvey on Sabrina! Yeah, I Googled him. This was the result, and no, it wasn’t good.

      Devon Sawa is DEFINITELY looking rough these days. Kind of corpsey, actually, which is never hot.

      You know who else I forgot? Pinsky from ‘Salute Your Shorts’. This guy. Who looks like this now. Which is still pretty OK in my book. Also, the guy, Blake Sennett, is lead guitarist for Rilo Kiley. And that’s also OK in my book. I think he used to date Winona Ryder, too, if I’m thinking of the right guy.