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Police Are Being So Mean to Lindsay Lohan

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

Everyone is just so mean. Lindsay Lohan never even did anything, and police and lawyers and judges are just being so very mean to her! She didn’t do anything wrong! She’s a good person! WHY ARE YOU BEING SO MEAN?!

From TMZ:

Lindsay Lohan is telling friends … cops are on such a vendetta to bring her down.

And get this … Lindsay still claims she wasn’t driving at the time her Porsche slammed into a truck last June on the Pacific Coast Highway.  TMZ broke the story … authorities beg to differ and will prosecute her for lying to cops.  Lindsay claimed she was a passenger, but witnesses say she was behind the wheel.

Lindsay is saying she’s “terrified” of going back to jail, especially because Judge Stephanie Sautner made it clear she would violate her probation if she breaks the law again.

Lindsay says she will throw herself at the mercy of the court … she believes “One car accident could ruin everything for me.”

Finally, she says she’s done a good job following the law since her no contest plea in the jewelry heist case.

Yeah, one car accident could ruin everything for her. Police found pills in her purse and in her trunk, and she’s lucky she didn’t get seriously hurt and that the dude she hit was driving an 18 wheeler, because he probably would have been seriously hurt otherwise. And if she realizes that one car accident could ruin everything for her, then why doesn’t she just stop? Why couldn’t she just not lie to the cops? Why couldn’t she just not be a shady bitch with pills in her trunk? Why is that so hard?

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  • This stupid b*tch needs to give it up and get a driver. I bet there’s even someone out there who would drive her in exchange for sexual favors.
    Deny til you die, Linds! Deny til you die!
    That’s like a chrackhead oath, or something.