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Stars Without Makeup: Snooki Again!

A photo of Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

I’m sorry, I just love Snooki so much. I love how much she loves that precious baby, I love how happy she looks, and I love that she doesn’t give a shit about not having a face full of makeup and a body covered in self tanner anymore. I think this is all just so wonderful, and I love it.

And isn’t it just so much fun to see how different some people look without makeup? It is, right? Just think about what Snooki looked like when we first saw her. That huge hair, the deep orange tone of her skin. All that makeup. Did you ever think we would get to where we are today with this girl?

Probably just disregard all this if, for some reason, you still hate her. Instead of fawning over her, you can take this time to go grow a soul or something.

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