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Ke$ha Cleans Up Nicely Vol. II (or, “Ke$ha Didn’t Sleep With Bieber Vol. I”)

photo of ke$ha pictures
See, I don’t get why girlfriend can’t look like this more often. Yeah, there’re photos later in the set (not pictured) where it looks like the guy in the picture (Ke$ha‘s bodyguard) is holding her up for fear that her drunk (?) ass might fall down at any given second, but she looks pretty, right? And it would appear that her new liver-lips went and deflated a little bit, so there’s that, too.

But doubtless you’re not here to discuss whether or not Ke$ha’s sober—you want to know about the Bieber tie and how Ke$ha didn’t sleep with Bieber. Well, here’s the thing: Ke$ha appeared on Australia’s Hot30 Countdown earlier today, and casually mentioned that she didn’t sleep with Bieber. And it’s really just that simple. Here’s what she had to say to the Aussies:

“I have not, for the record, ever slept with Justin Bieber. More than that, he has a girlfriend who is really, really hot, so… I think he’s sorted.”

And later during the interview, she talked about being buddies with Miley Cyrus, to whom she gifted a hairy lollipop:

“One of my dancers had clip-in weaves, so I clipped the weave onto a used lollipop — well, I had to lick it so it would stick. I really put a lot of thought into that. I thought she’d like it.”

Oh that Ke$ha, you guys. Isn’t she just a barrel of licked monkeys?