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Oh, Lindsay’s Looking Great, Right?

photo of lindsay lohan pictures post-sandy new york city pic
Here’s our gal Lindsay, showing her meth-face for the first time in public since she told the world’s population not to worry about that pesky Hurricane Sally. You know, the hurricane that she said people just shouldn’t be stressing over, and the hurricane that everyone should have just prayed over? For peace, nonetheless? Yup, here she is, and guys, she’s in New York, of all places. Surveying the damages, I’m thinking, but I could be wrong about that. Maybe she’s just there to tell people to chill out, and hey, all those homes that burned to the ground in the Bronx? That was, like, totally all the homeowners’ fault, because duh. All they did was project their stinking negativity on everyone else, and see what happened?

These are the things that occur when we don’t take Lindsay Lohan seriously, guys, and I, for one, don’t want to have to endure another natural disaster without her guidance. Lord.

Also, I’m hoping that Lindsay decides to stay in New York City for another couple of days, because I’ll be there from Wednesday to Friday of this week, and I’d just love to run into her and ask her what her take on the devastation spanning thirteen-ish states happens to be. I’d just love it, and really, wouldn’t you?

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