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Love It or Leave It: What Kristen Stewart Wore to an ‘On the Road’ Premiere

photo of kristen stewart pictures
What a beautiful, beautiful woman. I don’t even understand how some people can say that they don’t think she’s attractive, even if they’re not necessarily their particular cup of tea. I mean, I can say that someone like, I don’t know, Charlize Theron is a pretty woman (yes, I realize the Kristen Stewart-Charlize Theron connection, but as I said the other day, I just watched ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’, which I really kind of liked), but she’s not exactly my personal definition of beauty—yet I can recognize the fact that she’s an attractive lady, you know?

Also, Kristen’s come so far from showing up at movie premieres and press events looking like this:

photo of kristen stewart pictures
Remember this? This was one of the first press events for ‘Twilight‘, back when she and Robert Pattinson looked fearful to even stand next to one another on the red carpet. Back then, Kristen was just barely eighteen, and Rob was a young twenty-two. Good gracious, how the time flies when you’re fellating up-and-coming directors.

Oh, and speaking of being young, Kristen did a recent interview about her role as a young vampire mom in ‘Breaking Dawn’, and had this to say about being a “natural” mother:

“It was one thing about the story, [playing a young mother], that was never difficult for me to grasp or relate to,” Kristen revealed. “Everyone thinks that it’s so peculiar to play such a young mother. It’s really not. I think you’re either born with that or you’re not. That was one thing that both me and Stephenie were so protective about. It was a fun thing to play.”

Hm. So are Kristen and Rob going to get pregnant soon and have a guilt baby? Because that just seems to be the next logical step in this ever-evolving process, you know?

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