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Blind Item: Who’s a Trouble-Magnet Without Work?

photo of britney spears and christina aguilera pictures
From Blind Gossip:

Her team has decided that this star absolutely must work on a regular basis. It’s the only way to keep her focused and to keep her out of trouble.

So even though she hates her current gig and is happy that it may be over soon, her happiness may be short-lived. That’s because her team is already negotiating for next job. It’s the same job… just on a different show.

OK, so initially, my first instinct was to say Lindsay. Because even though she doesn’t really have a “team” to speak of at this point in time, what with her publicist and what not leaving her high and dry, it’s definitely best for her life (and career) that she continuously work. But that bit about a different “show” makes me think more of Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears, who are both on televised talent shows right now. And I think even harder of Christina Aguilera, because I think at this point in time Britney’s life and everything involved is way too controlled to ever get into any kind of trouble, you know? However, throwing things out of balance are the facts that Britney’s allegedly not returning for a second season of ‘X-Factor’, and the ongoing fact that Christina’s been a hot mess for some time now.


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