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Blind Items: Does Miley Cyrus Dance Topless for Neighbors?

photo of selena gomez demi lovato and miley cyrus pictures
From Blind Gossip:

Which former Disney kid-turned-pop star loves to show off her body by dancing topless in the window of her Hollywood mansion? Neighbors of the barely legal homeowner have complained to the naughty resident, but she pays them no mind – and even flips them off!

OK, so let’s look at the hints here. “Disney kid-turned-pop star.” Who comes to mind when you hear those words? Well, a few. Miley Cyrus, of course. Britney Spears. Christina Aguilera. Demi Lovato. Selena Gomez. Now, let’s move on to the “barely legal” part, which knocks Britney and Christina way out of the equation. Both Miley and Selena could be considered “barely legal,” as Miley’s only going to be twenty later this month, and Selena turned twenty earlier in the year. Demi Lovato is also only twenty years old, but I think Demi’s gotten all of that naked-partying-stuff out of her system, what with rehab and what not.

Plus, I could totally see Miley Cyrus shakin’ her tits on her balcony. That’s all.


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  • Oh my goodness, they are both totally excellent enough to do that. Because if, without children or other relatives in your house, you don’t feel free to dance naked in your own house, then you aren’t really living.

    I have to say that Miley *probably* has the superior breasts (though I’m by no means the best judge), but that’s totally countered by Selena Gomez being the better singer. Ugh but they’re both so gorgeous AND talented.

    But it sounds more like a Miley thing. My understanding (from reading blind items, natch) is that Selena likes to keep her slutty side out of public view.

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