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Oh Dear God, What LeAnn Rimes Went As for Halloween

photo of eddie cibrian and leann rimes halloween pictures photos
Of course LeAnn Rimes dressed up with her ever-present husband, Eddie Cibrian. And ensured that all photos from every angle were Tweeted subsequently. Why would you ever think otherwise?

As you can see, LeAnn dressed up as Sandra Dee (from Grease), and Eddie dressed as Danny Zuko (also from Grease). And I have chills that are multiplying, friends. Positively f-cking MULTIPLYING.

There’re worse photos in the gallery, so go ahead and look—you know you want to.

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  • How she looks versus how she acts are two different stories. This post is criticizing her looks for no apparent reason. Well except for the negativity and hate that runs rampant on these sites.

    • Leann and Eddie look horrible. People are not being hateful or negative by saying so. Perhaps Leann should have put more thought into her costume. But then again the only thing she was thinking was overshadowing Hurricane Sandy, Miranda and Blake, and the CMAs. Whatever Leann is doing to her face she needs to stop. Eddie looks horrible and they seriously think that people are going to watch anything he is in after this poor choice he made?

      How Leann looks and acts isn’t two different stories. Leann acts horrible because she knows that deep down Eddie doesn’t like the way she looks.

  • No wonder Leann was so eager to get these”happy family” photos with Brandi’s kids and those photos of her and Eddie posing like this out on Halloween. Eddie is “working”(aka hooking up with other women) on the set of the Hot In Cleveland today. She must have been sending Eddie’s mistress a message.

    This is what Leann tweeted today because she “isn’t” at all worried about losing Eddie, “I came to visit Eddie on the Hot In Cleveland set. There are 6 week old puppies here. Just might have to talk Eddie into adopting one :)”

    Seriously, who has to babysit their spouse or boyfriend while he is at work? Why is she asking Eddie for a puppy? He is never at home(unless Lizzy is there of course) and Leann has all the money. That’s right, she is trying to make us think that Eddie cares about her enough to make “important” decisions like adopting a dog even though he didn’t care enough about her to be with her during her interview with Katie.

  • Leann has no respect for the fans that she has left. This is what one blog wrote about how she ditched them yesterday:

    “Hey Romeo took the stage first, before the night’s main attraction, LeAnn Rimes, captivated the attendees for about an hour.

    Rimes delivered her hits “Blue” and “Can’t Fight The Moonlight,” but something seemed off when she simply left the stage after one of her numbers without so much as a, “Thank you” or “Goodnight.”

    Ben McCully, who was master of ceremonies for the evening, confirmed that Rimes did indeed cut her set short by about 15 minutes, was expected to perform an encore that she did not do, and it seemed she couldn’t get out of the building fast enough.

    “Lots of people both out front and in the back were obviously quite disappointed,” McCully said. “It’s unfortunate because usually country artists are great to deal with.

    It doesn’t appear there was any pressing reason for Rimes’ sudden departure — and no explanation was given — as she tweeted Sunday afternoon, “So happy to be home. Going to relax with the family. Happy Sunday.”

    The one small hiccup aside, Gala Discovery seemed to go off without a hitch; the result of months of planning and organizing on behalf of officials at the Keyano College Foundation.

    -Source: Fort McMurray Today

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