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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Dressed Up as Each Other for Halloween

photo of robert pattinson and kristen stewart halloween costumes pictures
Oh, jeez. Wait. No they didn’t. I mean, aside from the fact that Robert Pattinson‘s mask has a mustache on it, doesn’t it look just like Kristen Stewart? No, it doesn’t? Guess it’s time to get my eyeglass prescription checked again.

These two were photographed at a Halloween party at the Hollywood Forever cemetery in Los Angeles last night, where they dressed up as … well, I don’t really even know what they dressed up as, other than the masks. Everything aside from those look pretty normal and par for the course. Anyway, here’s the two of them side by side, because they’re so in love:

photo of kristen stewart and robert pattinson halloween costume pictures
Cute, right?

On a note of a completely different side, I watched ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ On Demand the other day. And I really, really liked it, actually. I was quite disturbed by the way Charlize Theron‘s character dug the hearts out of birds’ chests with her scary silver talons, only to eat them, but hey. I guess the creators of this movie were going for that sort of thing when they decided to include it in the film.

Have you guys seen the movie yet? What did you think?

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  • What’s up with all the Hollyweird folks dressing up like Arabs this year? First Chris Brown and his douchetard friends, then this picture with the guy in the white outfit?

  • hated the movie.

    thought kristen stewart was absolutely terrible in it, very very awkward. that monologue at the end came out of nowhere and was not done poorly. i honestly thought charlize theron was the only saving grace in the movie. poor character development as well. it could have been so so so much better as a movie but everything was just superficial and…bad.

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