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Levi Johnston Got Married, Too!

A photo of Levi Johnston

This is a disgrace, you guys, and for the record, I’m really disappointed in all of us. Yeah, a lot of things have happened this week already. And yeah, we’ve been focusing on other weddings for the past little bit. But in all the hubbub, we’ve neglected to congratulate Levi Johnston, baby daddy of Bristol Palin and member of the elite Douchebags of Alaska club, on his very own wedding.

Here’s a photo from the event, which took place on Sunday:

A photo of Levi Johnston

That’s Levi, his new wife, bless her heart, and their daughter, little Breeze Beretta. Levi’s other kid, Tripp Palin, wasn’t in attendance because even though Levi wanted him to be the ring bearer, Bristol was a big ol’ party pooper and refused to let Levi have custody for the weekend.

Oh, and just in case you couldn’t tell by the picture, Levi was wearing a camouflage vest and bow tie. You know, natch.

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