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Taylor Swift Has A New Boyfriend Already

A photo of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran

Ugh, of course she does. It’s been five days since we heard about the painful, heartbreaking breakup of Taylor and her Kennedy, which is like, way too much downtime for Tay Tay, but, luckily for her, she already had a boy on standby.

The boy in that photo above is the boy in question. His name, in case you’re not familiar, is Ed Sheeran. He has a duet with Taylor on her new album called “Everything Has Changed,” and they are totes in love. Totes. Taylor called Ed her “favorite,” which is kind of creepy coming from her, and Ed called Taylor “such a sweetheart.” Also, he’s going to be her opening act on her upcoming tour. So while nothing’s been confirmed, this isn’t too big of a conclusion to come to, is it?

But here’s the kicker. Ed got a new tattoo:

A photo of Ed Sheeran

Yeah, he already has a few, but see if you can spot the one I’m talking about. It’s the one that says “Red.” He got a tattoo of the title of Taylor’s new album. That actually happened.

So what do you guys think? Is it on or is it on?

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  • I actually hope this is true. Sure it is fast..but have you heard his music ..and compared it to her music? Many of his songs are like the girl version of Taylor …(I have both their albums and love both of their music to pieces). I actually saw some youtube videos of them writing music together sitting on the floor strumming music in what looked like Taylors house or something. Since then I’ve thought they’d be perfect together. Yay..if it is true.

  • nah, I don’t think they’d be a good couple. Ed seems way to laid back for taylor. I think the media is playing it off as something more than what it is, a new friendship.