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Donnie Wahlberg Got A Lot of Water from Hurricane Sandy

Wow. Does that suck or does that suck?

Donnie Wahlberg of New Kids on the Block (or the creepy mental patient from ‘The Sixth Sense’) filmed his recently-deluged apartment located in New York City, and I suppose if he was one of those who took on a foot or so of water, he was probably one of the luckier ones in the area.

Where I am, we ended up with five feet of water in certain areas (not my specific property, thank God), and a bunch of trees down on power lines, houses, and in pools—and I’d say that WE LUCKED OUT. Other people (like those who own beachfront property in Atlantic City, NJ) did not.

Were any of you guys impacted by the hurricane? Did you fare alright, if you did?