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Snooki Talks About Losing Her Baby Weight, Doesn’t Understand What Baby Weight Is

A photo of Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

I know Sarah just talked about this a few days ago, but seriously, how good is Snooki looking these days? I think she’s always been cute, but when she got pregnant, she stopped tanning, and it seems like she’s started using more natural makeup (natural for Snooki, of course), and honestly, I think she’s super hot right now.

Unfortunately, Snooki doesn’t agree with me. She just did an interview with In Touch, and she says she’s still got a ways to go:

“I really don’t like how I look,” the Jersey Shore star tells In Touch in an exclusive interview. “When you have a baby you get stretch marks, and it’s all loose skin. Everything needs to get back to where it was.”

The newly minted jewelry designer (whose debut line, Snooki Couture by Nicole Polizzi, launches Nov. 10 on admits though she adores motherhood, it’s taken its toll on her body. “[My boobs] look huge — I hate it. Ugh.”

It’s only been two months since she gave birth to baby Lorenzo, but Snooki reveals she’s “desperate to lose the rest of the weight,” and has about 20 more pounds to go. “I’m hoping to lose it by my birthday [Nov. 23].”

Adds the star, “When I feel comfortable naked, that’s when I’ll feel good.”

Twenty pounds, really? There might be some stuff going on under her clothes that she doesn’t feel comfortable with, but with her tiny frame, I don’t think she has twenty pounds to lose. She’s said that she wants to go right back to her pre-pregnancy weight – 98 pounds – and I just don’t get it. Girl looks awesome, and I wish she’d just realize that already.

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  • I kind of get where she’s coming from in a way… it took her years of careful dieting and exercise to get to a healthy shape. She’s probably got a very complicated relationship with her body.