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Justin Timberlake Banned NSYNC from His Wedding

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I’m not going to lie, this story really hurts. Because out of the five members of NSYNC, the best boy band of all time, only one showed up at Justin Timberlake‘s wedding. And that was Justin Timberlake himself. And that’s sad.

I always thought that whenever Justin finally married Jessica Biel, he would have four best men: JC Chasez, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, and Chris Kirkpatrick. I thought that they were brothers for life. But it turns out that only two guys were even invited to the wedding, and they didn’t show up. How wack is that?

From US Weekly:

Only two of Justin Timberlake’s four former *NSYNC bandmates –JC Chasez and Chris Kirkpatrick — scored invites to his Oct. 19 wedding to Jessica Biel, sources told Us Weekly. Lance Bass and Joey Fatone didn’t make the cut.

“Justin thought a reunion would overshadow the wedding,” said one pal. “And Justin hates Lance now.”

I also heard that while Justin doesn’t “hate” Joey, he’s super embarrassed that he did that whole Dancing with the Stars thing, and apparently it was kind of a dealbreaker for him. Oh, and Justin and Jess only invited “close friends and family.” Sorry, guys. You just didn’t make the cut.

Oh, and here’s one last little tidbit of information: Justin didn’t allow anyone to play any NSYNC songs at the wedding. What a bitchy little diva. If it wasn’t for NSYNC, Justin never would have met Jessica Biel. He’d still be a guy with ridiculous hair just chillin’ down in Memphis, please.

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  • Yeah but wouldn’t playing NSYNC at his own wedding come off as kind of arrogant? Like, “hey guys, this is MY wedding, and you’re listening to MY music.”

    • Considering he apparently sang while Jessica was walking down the aisle, I don’t think NSYNC being there would have made it any more just about him as it already was

  • If you’re not close to someone anymore, I don’t see why you would invite them to your wedding. It’s been 10 years since they were together as a group and I’m sure things have changed. Besides, I heard he invited JC and Chris but they were otherwise busy. JC’s brother got married last weekend and Chris got engaged a few days after Justin got married. I don’t see the big deal over this.

  • I think this headline would have been better had it been followed by, “…because he’s a narcissistic turd who’d so far up his own @$$ he couldn’t even let the bride take the spotlight!!!”

    JT is a talented singer, granted, but IMO he’s always come off as a smarmy, ego maniacal turd; what other women see in him is as perplexing to me as the drake equation (I couldn’t resist that one).