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Preview: LeAnn Rimes Opens Up to Katie Couric

Boy, LeAnn Rimes. That trooper. That trooping trooper, LeAnn Rimes. Remember how she was talking about how deathly ill she was this past weekend, but we found her out and about and looking quite well on her way to Katie Couric’s studio for some Big Exclusive Interview? Well that’s what happened, and we have a preview of the show, which is to air this Thursday.

In the clip, LeAnn talks about how “hard” it was to go through the affair (and by “affair,” I mean that time she cheated on her husband with an also-marred man), and what it was like thereafter (read: her life has never been the same). She also discusses what it was like growing up in Hollywood, and what makes her hurt nowadays, even though she claims most people just don’t get why she hurts like she hurts.

Here’s a photo from the set:

photo of leann rimes and katie couric pictures photos
Also, she’s Tweeting self-righteous (?) things like this now:

All that I hope and pray for in this life is that my soul and my journey blends with another’s and my pain and hardships help them. #life

Will you guys be tuning in to ‘Katie’ the day after tomorrow to watch this business?

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  • Oh GAWD! I thought this trick was BLISSFULLY happy with Eddie and HER “Bonus Sons”??? It’s true LovE ya’ll!!! That is ALL she has been tweeting for the past two years! Leann, a word of advice: If you can’t take the damn heat, then don’t cheat!

  • “All that I hope and pray for in this life is that my soul and my journey blends with another’s and my pain and hardships help them.”

    TRANSLATION: Eddie sees how much pain that his affairs and infidelity are causing her and stops dating all those other women or comes back to her; afterall, she is Mrs. Eddie Cibrian.

    If Eddie is the supportive husband that People magazine and Leann make him out to be, why wasn’t he with his wife on Saturday during this “difficult” time? And most importantly how come the media isn’t addressing the fact that Eddie is missing from this interview? Don’t get me wrong, it’s good that he decided to sit this one out considering how he embarassed himself when Robin Roberts did this interview with them, but I am very surprised by the fact that she didn’t have Eddie planted at her side to dry her tears. In the blog that she wrote to her fans she said that DB and Lizzy were with her during the interview.

    And on another note, someone tweeted that they spotted Eddie at an airport in Colorado over the weekend. I don’t know how true this is, but is that one of the reasons she tweeted that Eddie was also “sick”? To cover up his absence during her interview? And are they going to try to fix Eddie’s absence by editing in shots of him or filming his parts seperately?

  • I can’t wait to see this interview. I agree with you, I don’t see why Leanne Rimes feels so victimized. I’ve heard of this situation happening before with celebrities and can’t imagine what it must be like, so I guess we’ll have to leave it to Rimes to share her point of view. A DISH coworker of mine suggested I watch this episode of Katie Couric, so I’ll definitely be tuning in. Although I’ll be at work when it airs, I’ll be recording it on my Hopper. This is the most convenient way to record because I can start watching the play back on my bedroom TV and then continue watching on my living room TV right where I left off. I love how I won’t miss one minute of this interview while I move around my house.

  • The biggest problem for 20/20 and Katie is their decision to include Leann in the All Access Nashville special with Taylor, Reba, Carrie, and Miranda when Leann isn’t even a leading lady of country these days. Leading lady of famewhoring, yes. Leading lady of country, no. How do they justify putting Leann in the same category with these 4 women, based on her ticket, album, and single sales and her rate of concert cancellations? Isn’t that a disservice and insult to the other women who worked very hard to get where they are today? I’m not saying that any of these women are saints, but why should Leann be featured in this interview when all she did for the past 2 years is parade around in bikinis with Brandi’s kids and whine about being bullied? Do they think that Leann’s drama will boost ratings? Maybe it will, but Leann is overexposed. This interview isn’t any different from the ones that she has been given this year, last year, and the year before. It sounds like this interview was Katie was taken from the interview that she did in 2010 with Shape, only they updated it to include “rehab” and cyberbullying.

  • The famewhore is at it again. So much for starting over. If she claims to have a new start, why does she taint it by doing the same things she was doing before her stint in fake rehab? She made a tweet confirming to her pap friends that she would be at the airport today and another tweet confirming that she will be at the pumpkin patch with Eddie and his kids next week. So expect “happy family” staged photo-ops next week because Leann wants to prove to everyone that Eddie hasn’t left her.

    She tweeted that her carry on was heavy. Why isn’t Eddie carrying it for her since he is such a “supportive” husband who LovEs and adores Leann so much that he can’t sleep unless he is next to her(yeap, Leann told her fans that Eddie goes on tour with her because he can’t sleep unless she is next to him)? So how exactly did Eddie sleep when Leann was in “rehab”? Did she take Eddie to “rehab” with her?

  • This is what Leann learned in “rehab”? To pimp out her stepkids for Halloween? She must have promised Eddie a lot of money from that lawsuit because for a while he wouldn’t let her tweet about those kids. It’s amazing how money driven Eddie Cibrian is.

    This is Leann’s latest attempt to get attention: “Just made some amazing pumpkin bread (kid approved) now on to chicken chili, mini grilled cheese sandwiches, butternut squash soup and cornbread with jalapeño butter, all for our halloween party tomorrow! YUM!!!