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Love It or Leave It: Katie Holmes’ Dress and Not Her Weird Posture

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Guys, I just adore Katie Holmes—even more now that I’ve watched almost the entire duration of the ‘Dawson’s Creek’ series (no, really; I’m halfway through the final season and I just don’t even know what I’m going to do when it’s finally over. Maybe I’ll start writing fan fiction, because that would be reasonable).

Anyway, this is what Katie wore to a recent fashion show, and she looks just beautiful. In the almost-ten years that ‘Dawson’s Creek’ has been off the air, she hasn’t really changed all that much (read: being Tom Cruise’s robo-bitch for five years didn’t entirely extinguish her spark). She’s still gorgeous, natural, and she still has that not-quite-comfortable-with-being-this-tall stance that makes her even more endearing. I mean, gosh. Good thing she’s a fashion designer and not a runway model with that posture.

Seriously, though, back to the important matter at hand—now that ‘Dawson’s Creek’ is coming to a close, what should I watch next on Netflix? I’m hearing all sorts of good things about ‘Homeland’, though I’m not even sure if it’s on Netflix yet, and my brother’s been hounding me to watch ‘The Walking Dead’, too, though I wasn’t really into that after the first (and last) episode I tuned into … I’m at a standstill, guys. I’m not a big television series fan, but there’s just got to be SOMETHING to fill the void that ‘Dawson’s Creek’ is sure to leave, even if it’s only temporarily.


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  • God she’s a beauty. That’s all to be said really. I love the dress, so classy. A few things to watch if you have not already.

    The O.C -Pretty addicting, I never liked the concept in my early teen years when it aired. I ended up catching an episode near the series finale and had to watch from the start.

    Dexter- The buzz is worth it. You will get sucked into the show and it leaves you wanting to watch more. Plus the lead is a hottie.

    Grey’s anatomy- Has it’s up’s and down’s per season but it has eye candy which is a plus and the story line for most of the seasons draws you in and makes you love and love to hate a lot of the cast.

  • I second The OC as a follow-up to Dawson’s Creek. It has a similar feel. I didn’t pay any attention to it when it aired, then borrowed it from the library for a train trip. Got hooked immediately. I could take or leave the 4th season, but it’s a great show overall.