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Well Hey There, Rumer Willis

photo of rumer willis bikini pictures
Girlfriend’s looking pretty good, right? I mean, except for the hair, because that’s one f-cking hot-ass mess if I’ve ever seen one, and honestly, that gold hoop is a smidge too large for her slender little nostrils, but the face? The body? The gorgeous-complected, smooth skin? Smoking. Even the bikini’s not all that bad. But wait! Rumer’s Mexican adventure went and got a little bit more interesting than just looking hot for all the boys and girls—look what she was doing:

photo of rumer willis drinking in cancun pictures
And who she was later photographed cozying up to:

photo of rumer willis and wilmer valderrama pictures
Who was *also* doing this:

photo of wilmer valderrama pictures
Yes, that would be Fez, who is allegedly dating Demi Lovato again, the latter who does not do that whole chugging-out-of-bottle thing anymore. That I’m aware of, anyway.

Something wicked this way comes, eh?

But Rumer Willis! Goodness, she looks so good, right?

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  • She looks gorgeous! The hair is an unfortunate color but I like the natural look of it. Is it just me, or does she look like Winona Ryder?

  • nice to see some rumer love – hell yeah! tabloids were so harsh when her face was “new on the scene”. i root for this little lady, yes her bod is a’rockin’, aaaaaand fez is a no no. in the wise words of oda mae brown from the movie GHOST, “you in danger, girl!”

  • The body is nice, BUT THE FACE???? Sorry, but this is not “unconventional beauty” these are quite unfortunate facial features! And why in the world is she parading around in a bikini, obviously NOT on the beach or a swimming pool??? What is so wrong with covering up a little?