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5Stars Without Makeup: Rebecca Romijn

photo of rebecca romjin no makeup pictures
Rebecca Romijn is going to be forty in a few weeks, and I have just one question: how is it fair to look this good—without makeup—at practically forty years old? Because it’s not fair. I don’t look this good without makeup and I’m not even thirty yet (which I’m totally OK with and I don’t mind all the staring I get at the grocery store when I go shopping sans fards from time to time all the time), but that’s probably why Rebecca Romijn makes a ton of money off her looks, and I make a ton of money off … well, not my looks.

Also, is it completely foul of me to forget that the last five years happened, and that Rebecca Romijn is now married to Jerry O’Connell and not married to John Stamos anymore? Because seriously, when I wrote the headline for this post, I wrote ‘Stars Without Makeup: Rebecca Romijn-Stamos’. Can you imagine just how thoroughly eviscerated I’d be if I’d gone on like I forgot Rebecca divorced Stamos, married Jerry, and popped out an adorable set of twins? Have mercy.

October 20, 2012 at 12:00 pm by Sarah

5 Responses to “Stars Without Makeup: Rebecca Romijn”

  1. CranAppleSnapple says:

    I’m fardless a lot of times, without even thinking or noticing. I gradually stopped wearing things like mascara when they started to make my eyes react all painfully.

  2. snidely says:

    I think she looks pretty bad. Bit thats just an opinion.

  3. She doesn’t smoke, drink, do speed, etc., perhaps (Not sure, but I woudl guess) and stays out of the sun and doesn’t have all night bukake orgies. Pretty much the RX for staying young, huh?

  4. Pique says:

    Is it expected to look like shit after one hits 40? I’m confused.

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