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Of Course Lindsay Doesn’t Need an Intervention, You Guys

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So that intervention thing we were talking about last night? It was totally shut down by Lindsay, because naturally, she’s not taking drugs of any sort or ingesting any kind of alcoholic beverages, so why in the world would she need a staged intervention to send her off to the appropriate rehab?

Nope, sources (ahem, Lindsay and her boyfriend*) are saying that Michael Lohan caused this whole mess because he’s trying to get back at her for the whole “Dad! Mom’s on cocaine and she’s the devil!” thing that happened last weekend, and what better way than to make him look like a complete and total liar? But wait—it gets better. Turns out the story’s half-true: Michael DID show up at Lindsay’s front door, demanding to take her 100 miles away to some secluded treatment facility for her many, many demons, but Lindsay and her boyfriend* slammed the door in Daddy-O’s face. Then they called the police, saying that he was trespassing, and made statements to the media that Lindsay is more committed than ever before to remaining sober and not completely cracked-out.

*So Lindsay has a boyfriend now? Is that’s what’s happening here? Because honestly, whether or not she’s worth any kind of money at all these days, I cannot think of any person, male or female, who’d even remotely consider engaging in sexual relations with Lindsay Lohan, and it’s not because she’s got meth-teeth and granny gitch (OK, well it’s not entirely because she’s got meth-teeth and granny gitch).

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  • I wonder if California has something similar to the Marchman Act, here in Florida.

    CRITERIA for Marchman Act.:

    * Has lost the power of self-control with respect to substance use; and EITHER

    * Has inflicted or threatened or attempted to inflict physical harm on himself or another: OR

    * Is in need of substance abuse services and, by reason of substance abuse impairment, is incapable of appreciating the need for such services and of making a rational decision in regard to receiving services. However, mere refusal to receive such services does not constitute evidence of lack of judgment with respect to the need for such services.

    I’m guessing California doesn’t have an Act like this, seeing how many crazy actors and actresses are running around there all jacked up on substances. If that is the case, CALIFORNIA CITIZENS, you need to do something about adding it to your state statutes!!!

  • Me me all the time me.. leave me alone even.. as if.. she runs to her parents anytime she screws up.. and listen how little care and concern, loving attention and denial a wretched life it’s been for her siblings.. with parents who don’t much give a damn about them.. other than to say.. we have to take care of them and are in need when they want more money..

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