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Love It or Leave It: Britney Spears Should Probably Always Have Bangs

photo of britney spears bangs hot pictures photos
Looking good, right? Best Britney‘s looked in years? Well. Maybe. The photo’s sort of from afar, and it’s slightly, slightly blurry, so we’ve got that going on, at least. Seriously, though, all jokes aside, Britney should probably always have bangs from here on out. They change her entire face, and I don’t mean because it hides a quarter of it.

Even when she was younger, and not so meth-addled (?), she looked way better in bangs. Take this picture for instance:

photo of britney spears bangs young pictures
Hot, right? Even when she was at her hottest, this was pretty hot.

Let’s go and compare it to this one:

photo of britney spears kevin federline hair pictures
Even though the photo is automatically bad because it’s got Kevin Federline in it, the bangs picture is still way better, to be fair. Let’s take another look at how much better all of these photos so far are way, way improved when you consider that this is what Britney’s hair used to look like:

photo of britney spears bad hair pictures
OK? I mean, really, is there any reason to continue debating this at all?

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  • Yes but please PLEASE can we convince her to burn those boots? “Camel” never should have become a color.

  • She’s kinda of a chunky munky. Anyhow what I think the bangs do is make her inbred hillbilly widely spread out segmented muddy mud skipper eyes look a bit more normal…..

  • I think part of her conservatorship should include a stylist. She looks kinda cute here, but has the world not suffered enough with seeing her clad in Ugg’s and shorts? This is a rare moment of appropriateness, I’m nervously awaiting the next cut-off’s and snowboots ensemble.