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Kristen and Rob: Officially On

photo of rob and kristen pictures kissing photos pic
Well hell’s bells. What do we have here? I’ll tell you what we have here—photos of Robert Pattinson kissing the face of Kristen Stewart, hugging her, and generally beaming in her direction, all at her brand-new house (the one that’s just a mile and-a-half from Rob’s own, not the one that she bought with her Ma Dukes).

So it’s on. It’s happening. They’re hanging out with friends together, kissing, swimming in a pool, and generally being all starry-eyed with one another. Is it legit? Is it just a legal aspect of their ‘Twilight’ business relationship? Is it uncanny that it’s happened just weeks before ‘Breaking Dawn: Part 2’? I don’t know, guys. But it sure is cute that these to are just so, so in lurve, you know?-

Images courtesy of our friends at Popsugar

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  • So they want to makes us believe they are so in love since the latest movie has nothing to do with it.

    Mysteriously they will break up after the movie is over.