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Barry O’s Ladies Did a Video Supporting Barry O

Did you guys watch last night’s Presidential Debate? Because oh man, was it bad. Matter of fact, they’ve *all* been pretty terrible, and I think that anyone who’s willing to publicly identify with either candidate so much so that they’d make a video that’s been seen on YouTube almost ten thousand times since last night is pretty brave. Don’t get me wrong. I know who I’m voting for come November 6th (hint: it’s not the guy that has “binders of women,” OK?). I just worry that the real issues aren’t being paid much attention, especially when I’m hearing things about Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan’s soup kitchen fiasco, and Mitt Romney‘s offshore accounts and his amended IRS returns, and of course, our very own Barry O’s comments on how American Idol is going to work out.

I worry, guys, and while I think it’s nice that women like Scarlett and Eva and Kerry are into the important issues, I don’t feel that those are the ones getting the most attention by either Presidential candidate, and that’s sad. And scary.

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