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Stars Without Makeup: Why Can’t Demi Lovato Look Like This All the Time?

photo of demi lovato no makeup airport pictures photos
And I don’t necessarily mean the outfit, because while I do enjoy myself some nice, casual flightwear, I don’t think flying in pajama pants is cute, either. No, I’m talking about her face. Her face! It’s really, really cute on the whole, and when she’s not pasting it three inches bigger with pancake makeup and yucky, clotted fake eyelashes and that horrendous dark lipstick, she’s positively gorgeous. Yeah, she looks a little bit younger than normal without all the makeup, but why’s that gotta be such a bad thing?

In conclusion, ugh. Does Demi Lovato have the worst taste in footwear of all time or what? Someone’s really got to step in and do something about that. No, you know, pun intended.

photo of demi lovato pictures

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