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How Do We Feel About Christina Aguilera’s Hair Today?

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Because I know lots of you guys had some pretty strong opinions about her hair when it was crack white, lavender, and this pink hot mess, so now I need to know: are we verbally fellating Christina‘s hair because it’s a thing to do, or do you, like me, think this is probably the worst hair girlfriend’s ever rocked in life?

Also, as a sidebar, I seriously need to know how much of that stuff is actually girlfriend’s own hair, and not something that she tore off Rainbow Brite’s busted-ass horse in a fit of rage when she heard that we didn’t like that ugly-assed, too-tight dress she wore last week. Because I’m sure she totally cares about that kind of stuff, you know?

Anyway, answer me this: how do we feel about Christina Aguilera’s hair today?

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  • Honestly, I am upset with Miss Christina lately. I watch the Voice with my son, so I get to see her quite regularly. She is another woman who could certainly wear shorter hair because of her beautiful face (which she covers with WAAAAAY too much make up). I don’t care that she’s gained weight, I just wish she would wear real pants and clothes that actually fit her new size. Oh, and a bra that supports her properly. But to answer your question: SHE SHOULD LOSE THE AWFUL EXTENSIONS ALREADY. lol

  • LOL Jealous bitches amuse me.
    You cunts WISH you looked half as hot or were with someone half as hot as C.A. But guess what…

    Your boyfriends/girlfriends would rather be fucking Aguilara than your peasant stock cottage cheese ass. LOL

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