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Here’s A Video of Karl Lagerfeld Just Bein’ Karl Lagerfeld

I can’t understand everything he says, but even when you can’t understand Karl, you just know he’s being a bitch. And it’s just so great to see him in action, isn’t it? It makes you realize that the wonderful man we read about in stories is real, and he’s that lovable, catty old biddy that we always knew him to be.

In honor of Karl, and since I know you didn’t honestly believe you’d get through one weekend with me without seeing this, here’s a picture of my cats from last night:

That’s both of them sleeping on my lap. The big one has his tongue hanging out a little, and you can see my gross ass glass of wine up in the corner. I was watching The Woman in Black and trying not to piss myself. The only way that night could have been any better is if Karl and Choupette were there to share it with us.

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  • He’s not being a bitch. He’s saying exactly what is going on, right now, in our society. Why make him the villain? Yes, eating junk food in front of TV is unhealthy. Yes, Adele is overweight. Yes, back in the day everyone wanted to be like Twiggy and today she would be slated for being so stick thin. Yes, Naomi and Kate were 14 year old children when they started in the industry setting unrealistic expectations for grown women. Now what is the problem with this interview?

    • Oh, I know. I wasn’t calling him a bitch in a mean way, I was calling him a bitch in the way that one calls her consistently catty but dearly beloved friends bitches. I love Karl.

      • Thanks :) I read too many gossip pages and get frustrated when the bashing begins for no reason. Sometimes people forget to differentiate between this minor news and then stuff like Chris Brown and Rihanna getting back together which is actually awful. Is there any news on how twitter reacted to that yet? (Cue ‘I’d let Chris Brown beat me anyday’ stories)

  • I couldn’t even see the video but who cares I just love when Emily shows us her cats pictures! I wish I could show you pictures of my cats Samantha and Fuzz!

  • he is completely right. I love him! Media is so focused on fashion and thin models setting a bad example for women and leading to anorexia, when it should be focused on all these overweight people. The US spends $190 billion every year trying to treat obesity??? People want to attack Michelle Os. healthy meals in schools and turn a blind eye to these kids who can barely manage the endurance for a game of tag.