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Bradley Cooper Turned Down Dita Von Teese: Girl, What?

A photo of Dita Von Teese

Look at this lady. No, really look at her. Oh my god, that fierce bitch is Dita Von Teese, and she is flawless. I can’t even wrap my head around how gorgeous she is: she is too beautiful for the human mind to comprehend beyond “nnngh.” I know she’s done some questionable things (marrying Marilyn Manson, namely, but she fixed that), but I honestly didn’t think that one single person on this planet would be able to turn down this lady if they were ever given the precious, precious chance to be in her presence.

But Bradley Cooper did. And he as to answer for this.

Dita Von Teese has claimed she is enjoying the single life, but she recently got blanked when she tried to chat-up Hollywood hunk Bradley Cooper in a Los Angeles restaurant, is exclusively reporting.

The star pair found themselves in trendy hotspot — Italian eaterie Farfalla in Los Feliz — at the same time when an eyewitness spied Dita, 40, licking her lips in the general direction of The Hangover star.

However, the burlesque dancer’s attempts at inviting Bradley, 37, over to her table floundered after she tried to send a drink his way. He refused her offer and left the restaurant without even saying goodbye! ( In September, Cooper revealed he’s been sober for 8 years.)

“Bradley completely snubbed Dita when she made a beeline for him,” an onlooker told

“She was desperate to get his attention, so she asked the waitress to go over to his table and ask him what he wanted to drink. Bradley told the waitress he’s on a health kick at the moment and said he was fine.

“After that, Dita was looking over at him, fluttering her eyelids and wanted him to join her and her friend. But Bradley just wasn’t that into her, he ignored her eye contact and just looked down at his phone. He left before she did and didn’t even acknowledge her on the way out of the restaurant. She looked gutted.

“It really was an awkward moment for Dita, I’m sure a lot of men wouldn’t turn her down,” the source concluded.

There have been rumors that Bradley is back with his ex-girlfriend, Zoe Saldana, so I’m hoping that’s the case. I’m hoping that Bradley is just super faithful and in love with her, and that he wasn’t just some single dude with no attachments who turned down Dita Von Teese. Because my mind can’t handle that, it really can’t.

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  • I always thought Dita Von Teese is super phoney. There is nothing special about her and still she hangs around doing burlesque shows from time to time. She’s like Kim Kardashian but she has managed to convince everyone she is classy. Plus, sending a drink to a recovering alcoholic is not very sensitive, and even if she didn’t know it he doesn’t owe her shit anyway.

  • Perhaps he’s gay. Or he can’t deal with a woman who has a powerful sexuality. If he’s into Zoe, what’s-her-face, I can see why this might be the issue. (lol)

  • I don’t think being gay or in a relationship would preclude a polite hello, but maybe alcohol and/or sex addiction might require getting out ASAP. I do think it might be weird to see Dita in person, someone who is playing a part 24/7 in heavy makeup and full costume.

  • Is it that hard to believe that, for some people, looks aren’t everything? Or at least not the right kind of looks?

    Or maybe he was having a bad day. It kind of sounds like that. Like, no one mess with me–I mean NO ONE.

    And, Zoe Saldana is awesome.

  • Gorgeous body & face, but I met her & woooow what an ice queen. Dare I say it – cunty! And that dude, pretty sue he secretly loves peen, but there are Tom Cruise-like roles at stake, so in the closet he stays.

  • I don’t get everyone’s boner for this chick. Of course she looks flawless..I think any woman would when covered in 35 pounds of make up, professionally applied. She’s a glorified stripper. Whoopee.

  • he must be a ‘leg’ man ..
    she has very very short lil’ legs which are quite awkward ….
    dresses well though …

  • He probably was just smart enough to realize that the only reason she was making a play for him was an attempt to further her own career. He made the right decision. Also, she’s not as hot as everyone tries to make her out to be. She is not flawless — she has a rather strange and pronounced forehead that I find to be unattractive regardless of the color of panties and garters she’s wearing.

  • Even though I love vintage everything, it certainly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Sure, she’s a mega-babe to me but I can’t see that translating to everyone. Some people like athletic bodies, some like long & lean, some like tan and not super blindingly white, like her.

  • I have a photo set done by Dita before she was “famous” done at Galaxy Girls.

    She is full frontal nude and not in her normal makeup. She does not have a good body at all. It’s got weird proportions, oddly shaped bobs, a weird waist (super-thin with flaring hips, like she had her ribs broken like they used to do for/in corsets), and a REALLY unattractive snatch. :(p

    (I would normally use some other word for it, but this was a snatch. Coffee brown (the whole area not labia, like it was tarnished or dirty), dangling, dry-as-bone, razor stubble, acne (one hopes), unwashed looking. Eeeeehhhhhh.)

    I like her style, but personally, I’d turn her down. After seeing that, I keep thinking she’d smell like mildewed socks mixed with week old salmon.

    Of course, for fun points, she does shove a fake plastic pistol up there. It had all of the elegance of a Suicide Girls photo shoot.

    I believe the set is called Agent Dita.

  • These comments are stupid along with the story. He’s not into her, so what? There seem to be alot of anti-gay slurs from the publisher and you dorks. Grow up idiots.

  • Whoever “heard’ this info or claims to have witnessed it & is now attempting to make Dita look desperate or as if Dita was ‘turned down’ by that guy is an idiot.

    Even if that guy did decline a kind gesture on Dita’s part; then clearly he is a rude idiot & who cares. Dita is world famous and has a unique look & air about her that no modern day woman can compete with. Dita resurrects Old Hollywood glamour like its nobody’s business. And not just in her appearance, but in her movements & graceful gestures. So all you haters, get a life & remember, you are crass and fug.

    • Sending drinks to people’s tables is not a “kind gesture”; it’s as objectifying as uninvitedly patting someone’s butt, no matter your gender.

    • I know many ladies who enjoy vintage clothes and lifestyle far before Dita and not only in LA. She certainly did not invent the vintage afficianado lifestyle. I personally know people she exploited on her way to the “top” I have several friends who have been working this “UNIQUE” look years before Dita. She is a low rent bastion of “Old Hollywood Glamour” and you are pitifully ignorant if you don’t realize this. Apparently, you are the crass and fug one, whatever that means…..

      • Crass & fug as mentioned was directed to haters; hating on someone like Dita is just ugly! Name one current celebrity with similar class like Dita!

  • She’s very pretty, and I would be attracted to her if she looked the way she does in the handful of photos I have seen where she’s wearing very little makeup. If, like me, you’re not into the whole retro thing she usually has going on, then you might pass. I think there are a lot of women you guys make fun of on here who are prettier.

  • I know Dita (Heather) and she is actually very sweet and loyal to her friends. She has done quite well for herself. She doesn’t claim to have invented her style or all her products. She loves and has a real appreciation for the glamour girls of the past. Yes, she is obviously professionally made up and staged for the ads but she is still very pretty, don’t believe that she is ugly or her body is bad. She also may do burlesque but always looks good, and doesn’t go out looking like a slob like so many celebrities who are much more famous and rich than her.

  • She’s not ‘ugly’ by any means, but that doesn’t mean she will be everyone’s cup of tea. To me, the real deal breaker is having been married to Marilyn Manson.

    Horrible decisions can often wind up forever damaging the goods–which is the case here.

  • She’s wildly over rated, and clearly has a unique personality with all of her body mods, the marriage to Manson, and hooking up with and defending Jesse James after his failed marriage. I’m certainly no Bradley Cooper, but if I were him, I’d say “Thanks, but no thanks” too.

  • Dita is as uncharismatic as a corpse! Have you seen an interview with her? She has no personality, a monotone voice and an arrogant self-agrandizing attitude. She isn’t a star. Dita is a joke. And she’s a mega slut. Just look into her eyes and you will see the truth about her; insecure. She is a vacuum with nothing behind her face. Mindless retro cunt who thinks she’s better than everyone else. Hey Dita, you are a stripper, please stop acting like you are more than that. You suck. Be yourself and get real.

  • She is not unattractive but she is not a gorgeous as people make her out to be. Some men honestly do not find that attractive when a women sends someobody else to go to talk to someone of their nterest and buys them a drink, get up your damn self and go talk to him. In addition he may be the type of guy that if he is interested he will make the initiative. I do not like men doing this to me, it makes me feel uncomfortable he may have felt awkward.