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Guess The Celebrity: Wax Figure Edition

This is going to be pretty straightforward here: who is this lady? It’s sort of a trick question, because the lady in this photo is not a lady at all, just a wax figure (LOL!). But this wax figure is supposed to be a tribute to a real live lady who we all know and who some of us love (not me).

The problem is that this figure looks nothing like the actual person. Like, at all. Well, maybe the costume, and maybe the hair if we’re talking about a few years ago, but otherwise, somebody really dropped the accuracy ball with this one.

Do you recognize her?

A photo of Madonna

Yeah, it’s supposed to be Madonna. I don’t know what year it’s supposed to be from, or what galaxy, but that wax figure is supposed to look like Madonna.

Let’s do a quick comparison, just for funzies:

A photo of Madonna

One of those photos looks like Madonna. The other one does not at all. You be the judge.

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