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Love It or Leave It: I Don’t Even Know How Christina Aguilera Got in This Dress

A photo of Christina Aguilera

No, really, I can’t understand how Christina Aguilera managed to squeeze herself into this dress. I am so confused that she’s standing there, in that contraption, without looking like she’s praying for death.

Let me just give some advice real quick: if you’re completely covered up in a dress that isn’t sheer and I can still see your nipples? Your dress is too tight. If I can see the outline of your belly button, your dress is too tight. If it looks like the bottom of your dress is squeezing your thighs together so that your knees are pressed against each other and you have to walk all weird with your calves out, your dress could very well be too tight.

Now let’s get a back view:

A photo of Christina Aguilera

See what I mean about her legs? But here’s another note: if I have to wonder if that’s the outline of your thong I’m seeing, then girl. YOUR DRESS IS TOO TIGHT.

If Christina actually feels good in this dress, then good for her. But I just don’t see how it’s possible to be wearing something like that and feel comfortable. Like, it’s not going to kill you to admit that you have to go up a dress size. It’s really not.

But, you know, besides the way too tight dress and her jacked hair, I think Christina is looking pretty damn good here. That is to say, I think her curves are kickin’. What do you guys think?

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    • I think her extensions look silly, and I realize that the colored tips are a trend right now, but I still think it looks jacked. Obviously, I don’t think my own hair looks jacked. That’s how that works.

      • So it’s okay for you to criticize her colored hair, but if someone criticizes yours you get an attitude? That’s how this works? smh

        Obviously, Christina doesn’t think her hair is jacked, just as you don’t think yours is, and that’s all that matters. *That’s* how that should work.

      • No, I’m just getting an attitude because this girl criticizes me all the time and it’s getting old. I don’t really care what she thinks about my hair, just as I’m sure Christina doesn’t care what I think about hers. And that’s what I was saying, to each her own.

  • If your knees have dimples and you’re over 5 years old, YOU’RE A FAT PERSON. She’s at the Mariah Carey level of denial if she can actually go out in public in something like that. Kristina Hendricks’ curves are slammin’, Xtina is porky, period. To be as charitable as I can be, I have to complimnent the inventor of Spanx. They can’t de-blimpify a person, but they can smooth that pork out.

  • There’s just so much hypocrisy in your post. Geez, if you think she looks so great then why critique her so harshly. Here’s a celebrity who is willing to say she’s happy with the way she looks despite the pressure to look otherwise, so why not emphasize the positive message she is sending about self-love, rather ragging on her for fashion choices. And I don’t see a thong, or nipples for that matter, which makes it seem like you really had to really dissect her pictures to find something to critique. I feel like it wouldn’t matter if this dress was a size larger, you would still find it inappropriate for a woman her size. You just throw in a “but girl, I still think you look good” to attempt to cancel out your obliquely calling her too fat to wear that dress. And HER hair is jacked? I’m sure you’ve already realized your mistake with that one so I’m just not going to comment any further.

    • The dress is smushing her nipples. It’s too tight. Have you ever read anything else I’ve ever written? I don’t think Christina Aguilera is fat, and I’ve never, ever criticized “a woman her size.” I’m just talking about the fashion, and anyone, no matter what their size is, is capable of wearing clothes that are way too tight. It has nothing to do with weight or self-love. I don’t think she’s “too fat to wear that dress.” I think she made a poor call.

      • I don’t recall her ever attacking Aguilera about her weight in the past. Now, there’s a major difference between A.) being ANY weight and wearing clothes that are the appropriate SIZE (any size!) – the will always be more flattering – and B.) looking like you are wearing a sausage casing & turning whatever that material is into, what appears to latex. That’s what’s happening in those pictures up there. You can see the TOP waistband of her thong, her nipples just look frightening, smashed flat. It would be a REALLY bad look on ANYONE, so please don’t get behind that “she’s just big & you’re picking on her weight” argument. She happens to look terrible AND have gained some weight (which, again, I didn’t read as the point of this post).
        As for the hair… I think it looks cheap and silly on CA. Now Emily, yours is cute. I agree with your right to your opinion, as well as the fact that it looks bad on her and cute on you. I can’t explain why, it just does.

  • Love the dress, hate the hair. I don’t see anything wrong with her outfit, I run around in stuff like that all the time, and I’m not exactly skinny.

  • I think it might just be the fabric of the dress. A thick, stretchy, clingy material. That neckline isn’t doing her any favors, and her hair looks awful (and not cute or “trendy” but trashy like it did in the 90s), and there’s something gross about her feet and spray tan, perhaps, but otherwise not bad…

  • People are just too damn sensitive when it comes to weight. Ease off a little on the writer, will ya?

    Christina Aguilera gained some weight. Yes.
    She still looks great in my opinion.
    BUT, her dress is too damn tight, the material looks cheap and her hair stylist was drunk when she decided to weave these color extensions in.

    End of story.

  • I think Christina has been looking terrible lately. She still dresses and styles her hair and makeup like she’s 21 and a size 2. A woman can be beautiful at any size – but you have to accentuate the good stuff. Christina just looks trashy at her age and size parading around like that.

    Also – yeah, that dress, aside from being super ugly and cheap looking, is clearly way too small.

  • She’s a curvy girl and wears it well but it’s like she’s trying to fit into her old clothes with her new body. You can get a sexy dress that, you know, fits. And that material is super cheap looking and isn’t helping.

  • I don’t understand why some of these commenters are getting so upset or defensive. Emily didn’t say anything malicious or mean, and this is a gossip site! Why are you even reading this stuff if you’re so sensitive?

  • Notice the only comments are from(dont say bitches MJ) females? Keeping the reputation real! Now ladies, let me tell you the facts about “C-Ag”. Yeah, shes put on a few pounds but she needed to and as for the dress, it being so tight didn’t matter bcuz it still came off very nicely when I Tapped that Ass! For reals.

  • I love… love… love Christina (Burlesque) but no matter what… no matter how you look at it… she looks sooooooooooooo much better when she’s thin and in shape (Burlesque) and I think that deep down inside she would agree! Her weight has changed her face and her attitude… so it would seem! Bring back the other Christina and stop dressing so trashy! With all that God given talent… she certainly doesn’t need the rest!

  • I do agree on the dress. I think it is a size too tight. I wish she wouldve worn something different. But I disagree with a lot of the negativity on her hair. I personally love her hair and the colors that are in it. Its the trend right now and I think it works. I love her new body, and I hate the excessive spray tan on her legs. But all in all I think her face looks cute.

  • Those poor porky orange sausages are really getting tested under the weight of that bloated purple pickle she calls a body.


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