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33Caption This: Last Week’s Winner and This Week’s Photo

photo of donatella versace and lady gaga pictures
It’s time for another round of weekly winnings for the Evil Beet Caption This contests! Check it out, and if you’re the winner, I’ll be sending you an email to collect your mailing information in order to send your prize. Sure hope you registered with a valid email address!

We’ll be choosing the winner of the above photo next Tuesday, so tune in to find out who it is!

The winner on last week’s Kim Kardashian photo: Lurker
“I gotta top getting peed on, so stay tuned as we get into formation for the human centipede.”

First runner-up: F
“Yay!!! We managed to get all three of us in the frame! Oh wait…what are those two bitches doing trying to get in to pose with me and my boobs!!!!”

Second runner-up: Rob
“Is that a camera? I have to get in the shot! An iphone camera? doesn’t matter… a Brownie instamatic? I’m there. Take my picture please. Don’t click that shutter without me… are you from a tabloid? I have to be in the center of the shot.”

Congrats to Lurker! As for the rest of you, get commenting if you want to win some free crap! (And for the love of God, check your damn email if you want to win the prize! The first runner-up will be notified that they’re getting the prize if you don’t claim it, guys!)

October 9, 2012 at 10:30 am by Sarah
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33 Responses to “Caption This: Last Week’s Winner and This Week’s Photo”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The one that actually says “woof” is the best looking of the three.

  2. mikied says:

    three ugly girls that love doggy style…

  3. mikied says:

    if I could lose the two blonde bitches, that bulldog down there would do me…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Call the Baha Men because someone let the dogs out!

  5. Ray says:

    Lady Gaga offers support as her grandmother shows off her new merkin.

  6. sifusanders says:

    timetravel is possible. and she even braught her dog!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Caption: The subjects of the world’s toughest game of F…., Marry, Kill.

  8. Lurker says:


    Did you receive my email reply for winning the last Caption Contest? Your email arrived in my junk/spam folder, so I’m hoping you checked that folder for my reply if it didn’t arrive in your inbox.

  9. pikki nikki polka pants says:

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much cocaine involved here! SO much… i’m not even entering this caption contest – just sayin’. :P

  10. Viper says:

    Three Dog Night!

  11. Don Lane says:

    Dogs are smarter than cats, right? So then if we toss this dog off our third floor balcony, he’ll land on his feet, right?

  12. Cece says:

    “I bet I could Donna…I bet I could throw it over and my fans would love me for it…”

  13. Tim B says:

    What are Mickey Rourke and this Edgar Winter impersonator doing with this ewok? We’ll find out after the weather…

  14. brian says:

    Hey Sis, now I know the color for my next wig. Here puppy, puppy.

  15. Selma F. says:

    The Wizard of Odd: Glinda the Good Witch and her evil doppelganger dog-nap Toto.

  16. nevarre says:

    Will you please hold him stall which I insert the vibrator.

  17. nevarre says:


    Will you please hold him still while I insert the vibrator !

  18. Rob says:

    Of the three bitches in the shot.. the middle one wears it best.

  19. Jordan says:

    “I hope the mannequin drops me, so I can make my escape and get outta here! Too arfin’ strange for me!”

  20. norm says:

    Why are they chanting Jump Lohan’s Jump ??

  21. gus says:

    Hey Donatella Rick James was right … “Cocaine is a hell of a drug”

  22. Chelsea Mae says:

    Look Simba, everything the light touches, is our kingdom.

  23. Star says:

    This is the story of two men and a p u s s y, trapped in the wrong body.

  24. Star says:

    This is the story of two men and a kitty, trapped in the wrong body.

  25. Star says:

    The Muppets take Manhattan!

  26. Trishy says:

    Partayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, anyone???

  27. A picture of the evil aliens from the movie Men in Black IV

  28. MJRyan says:

    Lady Gaga was a guest on Sesame Street and appears in a sketch with 2 muppets!

  29. nevarre says:

    And so we shall cast him into the fiery pit, absorb his life essence and become immortal succubae.

  30. Chaz says:

    Queen Donatella, my minions are getting restless, is my relevance, perchance, growing smaller? Nay dear Lady….take this canine, anoint it with the foul, syphilitic secretions of your vaginal wall…decapitate it and drink ye of its blood. Skin it and use the uncured pelt as a purse while tossing the remnants to the peasants. Say you’ve done this as a protest, to bring light to the the plight of the bullied masses. The miscreant, disenfranchised youth will once again flock to you, and name you the Living Embodiment of performance art.

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