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Jennifer Aniston Has a Big Ass Engagement Ring

photo of jennifer aniston engagement ring pictures
BAM. That’ll show YOU, Angelina Jolie. BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM!

Also, bummer for Jennifer Aniston, because not only did I forget she got engaged, I forgot that we seen the ring yet. Here’s another shot of Jen oh-so-casually putting her ring on display, neither intentionally nor knowing she was in the presence of a photographer:

photo of jennifer aniston's engagement ring pictures
What do you guys think? Gaudy as hell or, you know, “tasteful and demure”?

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  • Maybe it’s the photo, I’m sure it is actually, but it looks really cloudy. I give it a tentative thumbs down, pending a better pic.

  • Don’t like diamonds but I think he got this ring knowing that everyone in the media and blogs were going to compare the ring to Jolie’s ring. If it had been small and tasteful, everyone probably would have called them cheap and made fun of them for this reason. It’s a no win situation for them because people just won’t let this old story go. In the end Elizabeth and Debbie ended up friends and laughing at the guy that created their breakup story, hope someday these two women end up with the same ending.

  • Webster:

    I say people who are confident in themselves don’t give a d.amn what others think of them. Unfortunately, that ain’t Jennifer and Justin. The ring is plain unappealing. It looks like it took no thought at all and the only aim was that it be big. These two together don’t comprise one real brain. Justin is not a big time screenwriter, he can’t afford a 500k ring, IF this one cost that. I’m still going with the CZ. Many times he’s been given credit as the sole screenwriter when he was only ONE of several.

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