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Five Good Emmy Fashions and Three Not-So-Good Ones II

photo of lucy liu emmy pictures
So, earlier this morning, our girl Emily was kind enough to give you her perspective on some of the best-dressed and worst-dressed at last night’s Emmy Awards, and here I am to put my two cents in. First, let me say that I totally agree with Kat Dennings being on the ‘best’ list, because even if her dress is two sizes too small, she is one beautiful, beautiful woman. Like, one of the most beautiful going today, probably. What I don’t agree with, however? Was the fact that Ginnifer Goodwin was also on the ‘best’ list, because aside from the amazing shoes, the dress was one big, hot mess of plastic not-damask. Girl.

Up top, you can see that my favorite of the night was probably Lucy Liu, because what a neat, unique dress. Lucy claimed that it was heavy as shit, but it looked good, so hey. Dig it.

The other four on my best-dressed list included Hayden Panettiere, but only from the back, because what a gorgeous dress that was (from the back), Tina Fey, who just looked completely pretty and put-together, Julianne Hough, who looked like a fairy princess, and Jena Malone, who gets the award for most interesting dress of the night. In a good way.

Check them out:

photo of hayden panettiere emmy pictures

photo of tina fey emmy pictures

photo of julianne hough pictures emmy photo

photo of jena malone pictures emmy pic
Here’s the worst (and by “worst,” I mean WORST). Rounding out number one would have to be Olivia Munn, because not only is it one ugly, boob-squishing dress, it’s ill-fitting, wrinkled, and also, I don’t like Olivia Munn. See what I mean?

photo of olivia munn emmy pictures
Also on the list would be Heidi Klum, because I just don’t get what she’s trying to do with those thigh-high slits, and Amy Poehler, because she looks drunk. And like she chose her dress drunk. And did her hair drunk, and so on and so forth. Sometimes the drunk look is not always the best look, girl.

photo of heidi klum emmy pictures

photo of amy poehler at emmys pictures

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  • Here’s my rundown:
    Liu: Too outer space and the color (or lack there of) matches too closely to her skin tone.
    Panettiere: Excellent. Mix of the gold and blue is a definite winner.
    Fey: Meh! Kind of drab color. Not exciting. Something odd about the way it fits around her chest.
    Hough: Classic old school look with the hair and all. Works well for her. Beautiful dress.
    Malone: Going for the Ancient Roman look. Unique and sexy. Works well for her.
    Munn: Not sure what’s going here. Dress makes her boobs look crooked and does nothing to show her shape.
    Klum: At first look, I thought it was rather glamorous, but then…I dunno. Something ain’t quite right about it. The split probably is too high. That hair — that reminds me of something from “Charlie’s Angels” — not the movies, the TV series…the 70’s one.
    Poehler: Not sure how drunk she looks, but that dress ain’t doing her any favors — probably should have gone with something less tight around the middle.

  • I really like Lucy Lui’s dress. What has she been up to anyway? Also really liked how Tina Fey looked. Lastly totally agree with everything you said about Olivia Munn. I do not get what people like about her. Oh and yes I love Kat but didn’t care for the dress and the way her boobs looked.

    • Ms. Liu has been out of the major limelight for too long — and she’s always held her own quite well on screen if you ask me. If you’re a fan, you’ll be glad to know she’s coming back in a new series this fall called “Elementary”, which is a modern version of Sherlock Holmes. From what I’ve heard it’s supposed to be pretty good — she plays the Dr. Watson character. Here’s a trailer:

  • All i can think about was jenna malone as johanna mason!! I can’t wait to watch the movie. Im sorry this is so out of topic, but i just watched poker house last night, it stars jennifer lawrence and so I cant get over thinking about the hunger games and how sad I am that its only 3 books.
    But yeah, i love kat denning’s dress and julianne hough’s.