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No, I Don’t Know Why Lindsay Hasn’t Gotten Picked Up for Kidnapping Yet, Either

photo of lindsay lohan in new york city with a child pictures
So many questions, guys. Like ‘who is this kid?’ And ‘who the hell is his mother, that she’d allow someone like Lindsay Lohan to carry him around—out in public. On the streets. CLEARLY UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF SOME PHARMACEUTICAL WONDER‘. No, I’m not understanding any of this, not one bit.

Also, can we talk about Michael Lohan for a second, too? It would appear that he’s moved from his daughter’s current Liz Taylor obsession, and on to Lindsay’s “former” Marilyn Monroe obsession that we all just loved being privy to so, so much. To The Daily Buzz, Michael says (a day late and a dollar or six short):

“Lindsay has an infatuation with Marilyn Monroe which kind of scares me. There are parallels sometimes. They are so similar in their talents, their creativity and their careers that it’s scary. They have all had problems with addiction issues and I don’t want to see her go down that path or road anymore and it’s a shame because we all know, ‘You show me who you walk with and I’ll tell you who you are’. You have to surround yourself with the right people places and situations to get better. Not to beat Dina up, but even other people around Lindsay. She needs to be around people who are clean and sober and on the right path.”

So not only is it a pathetic attempt to build Lindsay up in the public eye by making her “look” even more like Marilyn Monroe, but it’s a not-so-thinly-veiled dig at Lindsay’s mom (and Michael’s ex), Dina Lohan, because she’s also a hot, wasted, embarrassing mess who has nothing going for her in this life. Lohans, guys. You can’t make this stuff up.

And someone, please—find out for me. Who is this poor kid?

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  • Can people please put these kids down and let them walk on their own at this age. If there are too many people surrounding them for them to walk, they shouldn’t be out in the crowd. At the same age as Lindsay Lohan is now, Marilyn Monroe didn’t have parents, maybe Lohan should be so lucky.

    • it’s a PR stunt. good ol’ lindso trying SO hard to be squeaky clean for 2.6 seconds. look at that kid smiling at the camera. baby actor. girlfriend lives on LIES i tell ya! all day e’rry day. i laughed so hard at the monroe comparison. pills, that’s about the only thing they have in common.

  • “They are so similar in their talents, their creativity and their careers”

    How DARE he! Marilyn had actual talent, you slimey attention whore!
    Lindsay has always just barked her lines with a glazed-over *I’m reading cards off in the middle distance* countenance!
    Seriously, Marilyn was so good in Niagara, you gotta see it.

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