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Are You An Agent, Publicist, or Entertainment Lawyer Looking for Work?

A photo of Amanda Bynes

I know that these past several years have been rough on us all. People have lost their jobs, money’s so tight … but if you’re an agent, a publicist, or a lawyer who thinks she could have some fun in that tough town of Hollywood, then you might just be in luck!

Amanda Bynes‘s whole entire team has left her. She has no representation. She is, after all, a mess:

Amanda Bynes’ management team is abandoning ship — her agent, publicist and entertainment lawyer have all dropped the actress as a client in the past couple of weeks … TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to Bynes tell us … all 3 people are telling similar stories — Bynes was a dream client for years … but she became extremely difficult in the past 12 months, some say uncontrollable.

One source tells us the management team hasn’t been able to get in touch with Bynes for the past month — no phone calls, no visits, nada.

According to one source, all 3 members of the team made multiple efforts to help Amanda before she went radio silent — but Bynes was not receptive.

Eventually, the team decided to cut bait … acknowledging they can’t help someone that doesn’t want to be helped.

As for Amanda, sources close to the 26-year-old tell us … Bynes feels she no longer needs their services because she’s retired from acting and moving into another line of work — fashion.

We tried to reach out to a rep for Bynes — but, well, she doesn’t have one anymore.

I’ve heard some people theorize that since Amanda Bynes is right around the age when schizophrenia starts to appear in women, all of her erratic behavior can be attributed to that, or some other severe mental illness. But then again, she does smoke weed in the Home Depot parking lot, so it could be substance abuse. Whatever it is, I think we can all agree that Amanda isn’t in the best place right now, and someone with a heart needs to step up and work for her. Goodness knows she can’t work for herself.

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  • Yeah she is beyond a mess, but there is NOTHING wrong with pot. Ever think she needed to chill out and relax? LEGALIZE EVERYWHERE!!!!!

    • I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with pot, friend, I’m just saying that if she’s willing to smoke it in a parking lot and then drive around on a suspended license and smoke more, then it probably wouldn’t be that much of a stretch to imagine that she could be doing something harder.

  • I wonder if drugs are her problem?
    Physically she doesn’t look like a druggie.
    Does she not have family to help her?
    Or at least a good friend? It’s getting
    To be sad. She needs help! Call
    Candie Finnegan from Intervention

    • Apparently her parents are moving out to L.A. to be with her, but her uncle also gave an interview and said that her father never wants to talk about it, and that neither her dad or her mom really talk to her at all.

  • my friends drive around w/ weed in hand for most of the day. They also have Bachelor’s degrees and full time jobs. She’s def got some other issues but it’s probably issues with herself & not drugs.

  • Perhaps drug use caused the onset of other mental issues. Certain events or substances can trigger illnesses which were dormant until then. Not saying pot is bad, just saying perhaps it is was caused the onset of an illness that was already there.

  • Wasn’t there a report this spring where Robert Downy Jr said Lindsay, Amanda & Hayden had all been whored out when they were kids? Doesn’t it make you wonder if its true when you see what train wrecks they have become

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