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23Also, People Are Saying That Lady Gaga’s Packed on Thirty Pounds

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So I didn’t come across this second Lady Gaga story until I had finalized the finishing touches on the previous Lady Gaga post, so guys who don’t appreciate Lady Gaga all over the f-cking place, I apologize in advance for having three Lady Gaga stories run today, two of which I’m directly responsible for.

No, the latest (and this time I mean “latest” for sure) news about Lady Gaga is how she’s put on thirty pounds over the past few weeks, and when I saw the most recent pictures, I was like … yeah. I believe this. Thirty pounds, easily. And wow—I’m not saying that she looks bad or anything, or that it’s a negative thing that she gained thirty pounds, because I don’t think putting on weight should be a judged thing, but ‘wow’ because it’s surprising and it’s obvious. ‘Wow’ because it’s kind of interesting that Lady Gaga’s “let herself go,” if that’s the way you want to see it (and that’s the way a lot of people are going to see it).

Here’s one suggestion, from Radar Online, as to why Lady Gaga’s porked up in recent weeks:

The normally skinny singer has suddenly fattened up and piled on the pounds, sparking concerned reactions from health experts who believe she may have been drinking too many calories.

When the 5’1″ Bad Romance singer hit the stage for a concert in Amsterdam on Monday, it was clear that there was a lot more of her hitting the scale nowadays!

“Gaga appears to have gained at least 30 pounds,” nutritionist Majid Ali, who has not treated the star, told in an exclusive interview.

So, alcohol’s to blame? Well, maybe. She has been over-consumptive lately, and a big, long drunken bender would explain all of the hanging-out-with-Lindsay-Lohan stuff, but I don’t think it’s just alcohol. No, even Lady Gaga herself has claimed that she cooks a mean Italian meal, and she loves to eat:

“The rumors I am a dab hand in the kitchen are completely true. I come from an Italian family – what more can I say? I love to cook. I am really good at Italian food. So I make great meatballs, pasta and all sorts. I love it.”

Last, do you guys remember earlier in the year when she Tweeted this?:

Just killed back-to-back spin classes. Eating a salad dreaming of a cheeseburger. Pop singers don’t eat. I was born this way.

Because I do—and I think it’s nice that girlfriend finally put down the damn salad and picked up a cheeseburger or two, if that’s what she really wanted all this time.

Images courtesy of the Daily Mail

September 19, 2012 at 5:30 pm by Sarah
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23 Responses to “Also, People Are Saying That Lady Gaga’s Packed on Thirty Pounds”

  1. meh says:

    The second picture is just unfortunate.

  2. truth says:

    I knew this would happen.

  3. blasted1 says:

    Yay! Turkey drumsticks are back!!!! That second picture!!!! I guess it didn’t occur to her to take a look at her backside catASStrophe with a hand mirror before she went out in front of thousands of people!

  4. pikki nikki polka pants says:

    take a break from the booze & the pills & the c-c-c-c-coCAINE, and this is what happens folks. she’s takin’ the lindsay route…

  5. Princess Peach says:

    Isn’t it obvious that these photos have been photoshopped? It’s unfortunate that a journalist would miss that and publish these as being ‘genuine’.

  6. pikki nikki polka pants says:

    *seen! ahem…don’t mean to be uneducated white trash over here…

    • Emily says:

      Oh my god, what is even happening there? In all these photos she has that “height at the crown” business with her hair that’s supposed to slim your face, and in this video it looks like she just stuck a Bump-It on the back of her head. Also, she sounds so dead inside. Or possibly on drugs. GIRL.

      • Pique says:

        Lol, she’s smoking a spliff on stage – and I believe it’s widely known that gaga’s a cokehead… She needs to take 2 years off work and then come back with a bang

      • Doc Lombardo says:

        as she puts on the barbie head jacket, i realize who she’s turning into. the scary junkyard lady in labyrinth! good lawd…

      • Emily says:

        Oh, I worded that wrong, because hey, marijuana. No, I meant that she seems heavily medicated, like perhaps she’s been on pills or something. It seems, to me, anyway, like it’s something more than just weed.

      • Pique says:

        Maybe she caught whatever it was Mischa Barton had lol.

  7. Bus says:

    She couldn’t keep going at the rate she was. Something was bound to happen. Someone close to her has got to say “Let’s bring it down a few notches and go on vacation” so she can get her head together and take a breather from work.

  8. esa says:

    She looks amazing in Pikka’s video, so I am not buying these pics…

  9. esa says:


  10. kimmy. says:

    let the girl gain some weight! I’m happy!

  11. mireee says:

    I love when people say “I’m ITALIAN! I love me some meatballs and pasta!” and it’s just like, bitch, actual Italian food consists mainly of vegetables, what the fuck. Meatballs are once-in-a-while thing. Just say you’re Italian-American. It’s easier and truer. Oh, and yeah she’s put on weight. Idk. I wonder why.

    • Harriet Meadow says:

      Actual Italian food may not be “meatballs,” per se, but it sure as hell isn’t “mostly” vegetables (in my experience, anyway). When I lived in Italy with a host family, I ate pizza, pasta, and seafood pretty much all day (not to mention biscotti and warm milk for breakfast)! Good thing I had to walk everywhere – I managed (somehow) not to gain any weight.

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