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Kim Kardashian Didn’t Mean That Thing About Cancer

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You remember, that thing that Kim said last week where she compared her last marriage to cancer. You remember! But here’s the quote if you didn’t:

“We had done filming our season at that point, so we decided to film for the wedding. And that was a decision that he and I made together. But I think that, with any decisions in life, like, I spoke to a girl today who had cancer and we were talking about how this is such a hard thing for her, but it taught her a big lesson on who her friends are and so much about life. She’s 18. And I was like, that’s how I feel.”

So yeah, Kim’s marriage that lasted 72 days, that wouldn’t have lasted that long if it wasn’t being filmed, is just like cancer. Her quote is a little hard to misinterpret, isn’t it? But apparently we did, and we’re all a big bunch of meanies, according to a blog that Kim posted a couple of days ago:

I want to clear something up for you all, because it seems that something I said has been taken way out of context, as is often the case with quotes pulled from interviews. In a recent magazine interview, I told of how I had called a female fan who was battling cancer, and she told me how she had watched the show and seen how I had faced my own struggles, and had been inspired by how I had found the courage to change a situation that was making me unhappy. She told me how her life had completely changed when she was diagnosed, and a lot of friends had deserted her, which is something I said I could relate to. In no way was I comparing my own experiences to that of a cancer patient. I was merely talking about how there are times in your life, and everyone goes through them, when you find out who loves you enough to stand by you through thick and thin.

Many of you know that my father passed away from cancer, and my grandma is a cancer survivor. This is a disease that has brought so much pain and heartache to our family and I would never want to offend or upset anyone who was battling cancer, or whose family members were battling or had passed away from cancer.

What I said in the interview was misconstrued and I wanted to explain to you all what the context was around my phone call with this girl. Xo

Ok, so Kim said that she could relate to the experiences of the girl with cancer, but she was “in no way comparing my own experiences to that of a cancer patient.” Is that right? Does that make sense?

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  • She is mentioning cancer to keep herself relevant. Cancer is getting a LOT of awareness/attention right now (yay :) ) and no one gives a shit that she ‘lost friends’ because of her divorce (wtf) and no one gives a shit about her divorce anymore anyways. Losing your friends because of your cancer diagnosis is WAY different than losing some fake ass friends because your marriage ended. She should really just shush it.

  • Honestly, when I read the original interview, I didn’t take it as in she was comparing her situation to a cancer patient’s situation. I understood what she meant – people were deliberately trying NOT to understand it.

    I am not a Kim K. fan. However, I don’t need to find fault in everything that comes out of her mouth. She didn’t need to explain her comments – anyone with a brain could have understood what she meant.

    • I’m with you Stacey, taken completely out of context because of who she is. If you don’t like her or what she represents or what she says, don’t read about her or watch her show. It’s really quite easy.

  • I understood what she meant and did not get the idea that she was comparing her problems to cancer. Not a fan of the Kardashians, don’t get the fascination with them, and generally find them annoying. Still, I don’t think she said anything wrong

  • OH YES SHE DID CATHY!!!!! I take it that you have never gone through cancer yourself. I found out who my real friends were when I had cancer. There is NO WAY she can compare her life “struggles” to what us cancer survivors and people going through it now have gone through. I hope this bitch never reproduces. Kick her in the baby maker

  • Well, to be honest, looking at Kim Karcrapian (or any of that clan) WOULD give an 18 year old reference in how to avoid trash and who to avoid. I’m “inspired” too, although I’d say nauseated.

    Perhaps the cancer was irrelevant to her (18 year old’s) salient point. (Although Luke makes a fine case prior.)

    I mean, I can’t think of a single person (Paris and Lin-lin included) that would be more tragivoidable.

    Or, perhaps Kimmah is just the kind of narcissist that would think her pathetic travails during her pampered life equals someone battling cancer.

    Either one actually works. Or both.