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Quotables: Kanye West Slams Mitt Romney

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“I be all up in Goldman Sachs like these n—as tryna hold me back, these n—as tryna hold me back/ I’m just trying to protect my stacks/ Mitt Romney don’t pay no tax, Mitt Romney don’t pay no tax.”

Kanye West in new single, ‘To the World’, off his new Cruel Summer album. Which, doubtless, is going to be all about politics that he only understands on the most base of levels, f-cking Kim Kardashian, and cleaning out that bitch’s closet (oh. Wait. Didn’t Eminem already do that one?—yes, yes, he did):

Oh, and look: an infinitely-more talented rapper than Kanye could ever hope to be, I suppose, though crap is still crap no matter how lovely the air freshener used to cover up the stench is.

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